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the sound of your voiceno I'm afraid you can't.The sound of your voice is controlled by your vocal cords which are like handprints each person has different ones and it's imposible to change them.

You can change your voice through damaging your vocal cords. This can be done by drugs or alcohol. Don't believe me? Look at Bon Scott and Jim Morrison. Of course, your voice can turn to the worst, or you can end up dead like both of them.

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Why do Taylor Swift change the voice?

To make her sound better

Will rhinoplasty effect the sound of your voice?

Yes, it is very likely for rhinoplasty to effect the sound of your voice. Because the nasal passages are altered during the procedure, the air through the nasal cavity will resonate differently and will therefore change the sound of your voice. If the procedure is minimal, the change may not be noticeable.

Will your voice change?

Yes, during puberty, men's voices change. As their larynx (voice box) develops, the sound made gets deeper.

How does your voice sound when going through puberty?

When a boy begins puberty, his voice will lower. There is no significant difference or change in voice for girls.

You are voice artist you are looking for voice over project and you fresher in this field so can some one give you number of concern person?

Voice modulation is munipulation of the voice structure to change the sound into a sound that cannot be produced from the human voice.

Difference between sound recognition voice recognition?

Sound is any voice is particular.Sound refers to source of voice. Voice is the recognition of the sound...

How does a girls voice crack sound like?

The voice becomes a bit hoarse and commanding. This is because there are a lot of hormones which change various body structures including the sound.

Will Naruto's voice sound like in Naruto shippuden?

The voice will not change much, but if you notice, his voice is slightly deeper(I think).HOPED I HELPED!!!!!!!XD

What does female settings do on Halo 3?

They simply change the sound of your voice when you die.

I'm ill and sound like Tom Waits HOW can I keep this ill voice permanently?

Sorry, but y think you cant keep your voice as Tom Waits. you can but you must be everyday ill and that's not good

How can you change your voice to female or non-human sound?

AV Voice changer software is good for change voice like any genders, ages, non-human. It have many audio effects which can your voice and add your video easily.

How does someone sound when wearing braces?

You don't sound any different, I assure you!! =D Your voice will not change, only your smile!

Can a MacBook change your voice?

Both the Garageband and iMovie (found in a Mac's Application folder) can be used to change the sound of a voice. Amusing results can be achieved with the addition of Voice Candy software. (See links below)

What is the name and chemical formula for the gas that caused the professor voice to change?

It is the element helium, symbol He. The change in sound is because helium is much lighter than air and thus the speed of sound in helium is much faster than the speed of sound in air. This change in the speed of sound retunes the resonant chambers in the vocal tract to a higher frequency, making the voice sound "chirpy" while the helium is present.

How can you change the voice for the sentence 'change the voice'?

change the voice

How do you sing like reece?

You change your voice box with his , but the down side is that he will sound like you...... FHL

How do you make your voice sound better?

To make your voice sound better is to practice and make your voice beautiful and try to slightly make it shake. And as your singing, always remember to make it sound pretty cause sometimes you can 'daze' off and your voice can change, (means its not so pretty) so all the time think of this: Make it pretty!Pratice is the key!Hope I helped! :)

Why does your voice sound different on a voice recorder?

You are not used to hearing your own voice wavelengths, your vocal cords do not correspond with the wavelengths and pitch of your voice, thus saying that your voice will sound different

When was The Sound of a Voice - opera - created?

The Sound of a Voice - opera - was created in 2003.

Does your voice sound different recorded?

Many people may not like this answer, but the way you sound on a recording is the way you really sound. The voice you hear when you talk or sing is not your real voice.

Does Inuyasha voice change when he change from human half demon and full demon?

He sounds the same way except when he changes to a full yukai, his voice might sound a little deeper (But maybe that's just me...)

Why someone's voice sound funny?

Different Voice

How does your voice make sound?

vibration in the voice box

What does helium do to you?

Yes Helium Can Change Our Voice from a Normal Voice into Donald Duck’s Voice or a Chipmunk Voice the Reason why helium makes our voice squeaky is because helium is 6 times lighter then air which means our voice travels through it faster

Does your recorded voice show your real voice?

Yes, the way you sound on a recording is the way you sound to the other people. The voice you hear in your head is not your real voice. Your voice sounds different in your head

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