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Can you plaster over durock?

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Yes and no. Short answer is you need to apply a bonding agent to the durock so the plaster will stick. Blueboard is chemically treated to accept plaster, durock is not so it will just fall off without a bonding agent.

2009-11-29 20:49:05
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Can you put drywall over existing durock concrete board?

Yes, you can, but it seems a waste of money as durock is much better material.

What nicknames did Dick Durock go by?

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Can you plaster over old plaster?

Yes you can. You must first paint over the old plaster with a product such as Eucoweld, which chemically adheres the new plaster to the old.

Can you plaster over primed drywall?

No, you plaster or mud it first.

When was Dick Durock born?

Dick Durock was born on January 18, 1937, in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Can you put ceramic tile over Luann?

You have to put a cement board like Hardibacker, Wonderboard or Durock over the ceramic tile.

Can you lay slate over durock?

Not Durock brand. Their spec guide states that only "thin stone". Thin stone is generally a stone veneer. Wonderboard has a much better and more extensive warranty for stone. See attached links.

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Can epoxy be used on durock?

Yes, as long as the surface is not dusty

Should you paint over cracked ceiling plaster?


Can you drywall over plaster walls?

You can, but if the plaster is uneven at all, you should nail on 1x4 first to mount the drywall onto.

How do you repair a large area of plaster in a gunite swimming pool?

Break out the old plaster and plaster over the area to seal the plaster surface. It is best to lower water level in the pool first but there are patch materials that work under water.

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What is it called when a painting is made on a wet plaster wall?

a fresco. (fresco is italian for "fresh" referring to the fresh plaster that has been applied to the wall. This is opposed to "fresco secco" which is painted over dry plaster)

How do you hang drywall over plaster of Paris?

Paster of paris is a form of drywall, so I'm unclear on your meaning except possibly you have a wall with plaster over lath and want to cover it with drywall. You can find the studs electronically and go ahead and attach drywall to the face of the plaster with extra long screws. - Personally, I would rather repair whatever is wrong with the plaster and lath.

Can you put a plaster over your nose stud?

yes to keep you calm

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What is kal-kote plaster?

Kal-Kote Finish Plaster is a white finish plaster that can be troweled on and left with a smooth or textured finish, over base coat and on top of blue board. We also use this plaster when we are resurfacing existing walls and ceilings that have been prepared using plaster washers and fiberglass mesh tapes over the cracks, and gluing the entire surface with "Plaster Weld " ( a Larson product ) to create a bond over previously painted walls and ceilings . We also tint the plaster to make any color desired , and apply two coats of machined buffed wax to give the walls a satin smooth finish burnished with steel wool .You will never have to paint again !

What are the different types of plaster of Paris?

No, there are not different types of plaster of Paris. However, there are different types of plaster. There is plaster of Paris, pottery plaster, Puritan pottery plaster, Cerami-Cal, and Hydrostone.

Why is plaster of Paris called plaster of Paris?

Gypsum plaster (plaster of Paris) ( CaSO4·½H2O ) A large gypsum deposit at Montmartre in Paris led gypsum plaster to be commonly known as "plaster of Paris"

How do you get a cast?

You get a felt thing on the place of the cast, then the plaster and it hardens over it i think.