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Can you play Angry Birds seasons for PC?


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Yes,you can download it but only the free one.If you want the full version you must buy it from a store.It's got the activation code in it.

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yes you can play play angry birds rio on pc ..follow the link in related links....

yes you can play ...follow related link..

Yes. You can. Go to a place like or to get it.

Angry Birds is available now on PC... I have it... Just Google "angry birds download for pc" and you should find it...

you can play angry birds by following below related links.

Yes I think so. Have a look!

type "full angry birds download for pc" on google

activation code for angry birds Rio PC version

You can only change players in Angry Birds for PC by letting someone else play. Unless you reset the scores, they will be playing the same saved games as the first player.

Download the app store on itunes on your desktop and get angry birds... the End! absolutely

No, you can't play Angry Birds on itunes. Angry birds game is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad through apple's app store. You can play this game online with release of newer 'chrome version' of game. Alternatively you can download it on your PC or if you have android phone, get it from amazon store.

You can play it on yours PC and Apple Mac. Check out the related links section below for the link!

It is available on: the Mac App Store (Mac) the Chrome Web Store (Mac & PC)

Maybe someday, but surely not today.

There is a trainer that will let you control the bird after you launch it, using the 'U H J K' keys like arrow keys. Just Google "angry birds PC trainer" and it will find it.

No, Angry Birds will be available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and PC. You might be able to hack it but any legal way is impossible.

You cannot legally get the official iPhone Angry Birds app without an Apple ID. You can play on PC or Mac, on Google Chrome but you have to have a Google account. Let me add to that, as a matter of fact, you can download Angry Birds even if you do not have an iphone or an Apple ID. There are many apps on Google Chrome that allow you to do this.. :) Check it out.

You can play the Google Chrome version which is available in the Google Chrome App Store. All you need is an Google Account (email log in).

7... and then some other letters and numbers

no you can't run apk files on win7. it's possible if u can find pc version of that games like angry birds have.

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