Can you play Farm Town on the I pad?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can you play Farm Town on the I pad?
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How do you play farm town?

You can only play farm town if you have a facebook.

Where can you play farm town?

It is an application on facebook but you have to have a facebook account if you want to play.

Can you play Farm Town on a dsi?

If it is a DS game, than yes!

What sites other than MySpace or Facebook can you play farm town on?

no you can't

How many people play farm town?

A lot of people play farmtown on facebook like over 1,0000

When was Farm Town created?

Farm Town was created in 2009.

How do you get more dollars in Farm Town?

In order to get more farm bucks in farm town is you have to pay to get more farm bucks.

What is the nearest farm town to London?

There is nothing in England described as a farm town.

When was Town-Hollister Farm created?

Town-Hollister Farm was created in 1810.

Why do so many people play Farmtown?

Because they have nothing better to do with their life except farm town

What is Aligudarz Company Farm Town's population?

The population of Aligudarz Company Farm Town is 394.

When was Wye Town Farm House created?

Wye Town Farm House was created in 1800.