Can you play Mario forever

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Q: Can you play Mario forever
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Where can you play Super Mario Brothers Frustration?

Damn no The game is called Mario Forever (or something like that). You have to google the ROM for it and download it to play.

What is the difference between Mario Construter Forever and Mario Worker?

Mario Construter Forever has a lots of items then Mario Worker

How do you get to hard core 2 in Mario forever?

How do you get World Hardcore 2 in Mario Forever

What is the difference between Mario Forever and Mario Forever Galaxy?

Mario galaxy is easy and stupid and esey Mario forever is for guy people who like eating ham sandwich's under a bridge

Who is better Mario or Britney Spears?

Mario forever

How can you stay invincible Mario forever on new super Mario bros?

Cheat codes

In Super Mario Galaxy will a life shroom last forever assuming Mario takes no damage?


How long will Mario and elisa last?

forever and ever babe (:

Is there a mac version of Mario forever?

Already is out. Google is your friend. :)

Can you play as shadow Mario in super Mario galaxy?

no if you can get all this stars then you can play as luigi but not shadow Mario

How do you be Mario in Super Mario Sunshine?

You play as Mario from the beginning.

Where can you play Mario in vice city?

there is no way to play the mario in gta vicecity