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Can you play a Xbox 360 game without Xbox live on a Xbox 360 console?


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2011-12-09 19:31:15
2011-12-09 19:31:15

Of corse you can play there is no need for xbox live in-order to play a game. But if you want to play online, you do need xbox live.

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XBOX Live is not a game console. It's a online game service for the XBOX 360.

No there isn't you need to connect it to the Internet it's an Xbox Live game.

Xbox 360 is the game console... Xbox Live is the internet gameplay that is used on Xbox 360.

It is possible to play an xbox live game without an xbox live account if that game has a campaign mode. If the game only has multiplayer online however, it is not possible to play.

Nope, all in-console purchases requre xbox live.

In order to unblock your console fron xbox live you will need to get an unlock dongle, the following eBay item did the job for me, 160381851061. Without changing the motherboard there is no other option that I am aware of to get back on xbox live without getting another console.

You can earn achievements while not connected to XBOX Live and your console will keep track of your gamerscore locally. However, your gamerscore will not be reflected on or on any other console until you connect to XBOX Live.

If it is an XBOX 360 game then it will work on any XBOX 360 console.

No. Once you own the console, it is free to play. But if you want to connect to xbox live, then you have to pay a subscription fee.

if you mean the xbox pro console then of course you can you can go on live with any xbox console

You'll have to purchase it from the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the game to your console.

the xbox 360 i pwn at guitar hero. add me steelydanfourth that is my xbox live account

Any Xbox 360 console that has some for of memory unit, whether its internal or external, can use Xbox live.

It depends on the game, Halo 3 Yes, Call of Duty no

No! You have to have the game to get the add on.

you can check on the back of any original Xbox game, and it will say how many players can play on the Local Console (1-4) near the bottom right corner

Basically it enables the xbox 360 to have wi-fi conectivity seing as wi-fi does not come built in to the console itself. It just means that you can connect to xbox live without the long ethernet cable that came in the box along with the console.

if you mean downloading it on another console all it does is add it to that console so you can use it without the original hardrive it was on.

Yes you can buy the service when you buy an Xbox Console.

You must update your console with the provided update or you cannot connect to Xbox Live.

It gives you a console suspension from the Xbox LIVE Service. Where you Xbox 360 console will be usless where it cant be used anymore.

The Xbox is a Games Console developed by Microsoft it has its own Network "Xbox LIVE"

You need to hook your xbox into the internet, and register for xbox Live on your console. If you want to upgrade to a full (gold) account, you will need a credit card, or buy an xbox Live pack from most game stores.

Every Xbox 360 console has the capability of connecting to Xbox Live.

Yes, you can buy it without Xbox LIVE. You can find a disk based version at your local game store, eBay, Walmart, etc.

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