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The answer is of course you can! Remember, Movie maker is a program to design movies. Once the movie is a finished product it could be played on any computer that has a media program. Most windows PCs have Windows Media Player and Macs have quicktime. As long as you published the movie as a file it can work on any pc. If your going to play it on Mac or outside operating system keep in mind the universal format for movies is AVI, you can change that in movie maker when you finish the movie. If you stay with windows your fine and you can just finish the movie as is!

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2011-08-31 17:38:56
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Q: Can you play a movie made with windows movie maker on a computer without windows movie maker installed?
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How do you get on to the windows movie maker?

If you have a computer with Windows Me, XP, or Vista, then Windows Movie Maker will already come installed on it by default. Windows 7 does not have it; however, you can manually download and install Windows Movie Maker onto a Windows 7 computer.

How can you find Windows Movie maker on windows 8 I tried downloading it from windows but when you chose what programs to install it said movie maker and photo were already installed?

If you previously tried to download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 8, but it said that both the movie and photo programs were installed then you will not have to re-install. The easiest way to find it on your computer is to select the Windows logo on the left and type "Windows Movie Maker" (without quotes) into the search bar.

How do you put video on windows movie maker without sound?

You can't open WMM (windows movie maker) unless you have a sound card installed on you computer and speakers (internal/external) available.(I believe that is what is being asked?)

Can Windows Movie Maker 2.6 be installed on a PC with Windows Media Center 2005?

Windows Movie Maker v2.6 can only be installed on Vista (and Windows 7) versions.

How do you make fonts for windows movie maker?

If you want fonts other than what you already have on your Windows computer, they can be downloaded from the internet. Simply Google: Free font downloads.When you have found fonts you like, download and install them. Once installed on your computer, they are accessible in Windows Movie Maker.

How can you log in to window movie maker?

I believe you are asking how to open Windows Movie Maker. Click on Start. Type in Windows Movie Maker in the Start Search bar. The program should show up in the list that is generated if you have the program installed on your computer.

Where can you find Windows Movie Maker from your computer?

It all depends on what type of computer you have. If you have a Windows XP computer or Windows Vista Computer then Windows Movie Maker should already be on your computer.In order to do this:- Click on start and then look for the search option and click on it.- In the box that says, "Search for files or folders named:" type in Windows Movie Maker.- Click "Search Now" and wait as it searches for the desired file/folder.- If you do in fact have Windows Movie Maker on your computer it will show up in the blank space on the right.- And finally you should be able to click on the Icon that says Windows Movie Maker and it should open right up. If it doesn't then you probably haven't downloaded in. And in that case you just need to click on the Windows Movie Maker download icon and it will download from there.If you have an older version of Windows then Windows Movie Maker will not be already on your computer. You will have to go to google or what ever search engine you use and look for the correct download for your version of Windows.Hope that this helps!You can also find the Windows Movie Maker program (if it is installed) by opening the Command Prompt and typing in: MOVIEMK.exe. If your computer has the program installed, it will appear in the list.

Is there a way to get YouTube videos in windows movie maker without downloading?

No. You have to download the YouTube video to your computer, and convert it for use in Windows Movie Maker before it can be edited in the program.

When opening up Windows Movie Maker why does it give me an error message saying I am using Office 2007 Business Edition?

I don't believe Office 7 has anything to do with whether or not you have Windows Movie Maker installed on your system. You need to see if you have the program installed.> Click on Start and in the Start Search bar, type in: MOVIEMK.exe.If the program is installed on your computer, it will show up in the results pane.NOTE:If you have Windows 7, Movie Maker (v2.6) is not bundled with the software. You can download it though. And too, you can download Windows Live Movie Maker as well.

How do I install Windows Movie Maker 2.1 on Windows 7?

There are three ways to install Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP on Windows 7.1-First on Windows XP go to programs on C drive and copy the Movie Maker program file and paste it into your My Documents or Downloads folder. A copy of the Movie Maker program file should now be in your my Documents or Downloads folder where you have pasted it.Go to where you have pasted the Movie Maker file,right click on the file with your mouse and click send to zip folder. This creates a zip file with all the Movie Maker program files inside. Now to install Movie Maker 2.1 on Windows 7 you can either-1-Transfer the Movie Maker zip file from your Windows XP computer to your Windows 7 computer using Microsoft shared View or Team Viewer.Which lets you transfer files from one computer to the other computer. Or-2- Upload the Movie Maker zip file to a file sharing and storage site online like Mediafire. And then download it onto your Windows 7 computer. Or-3-Transfer the Movie Maker zip file onto a USB thumb drive from your Windows XP computer and install it onto your Windows 7 computer that way.Once you have got the Movie Maker zip file onto your Windows 7 computer using one of the three methods above. Open the zip file and extract the files to Programs on C drive and make a new folder. Rename new folder Movie Maker 2.1 so that it does not conflict with any other versions of Movie Maker you have installed.Now send the Movie Maker short cut to your desktop and click on it. And now Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is working on Windows 7. And the web cam feature will also work.But please note, you must have Windows Movie Maker 2.6 installed in order for Windows Movie Maker 2.1 to work. This is because Windows Movie Maker 2.1 uses some of the dill and program files of Windows Movie Maker 2.6 in order to run. But as long as you have Windows Movie Maker 2.6 installed,then Windows Movie Maker 2.1 will work on Windows 7.Windows Movie Maker 2.1 works on Windows 7 without any problems. And can be used alongside other versions of Windows Movie Maker,Windows Movie Maker 6 and 2.6.

Can you download windows movie maker XP on a windows 7 computer?

no, only can on a windows XP computer:(

Does Windows XP have Windows Movie Maker?

Yes, Windows XP has Windows Movie Maker. If you do not have a video editor, you can download one to your computer.

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