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Q: Can you play duplicate DVD on MacBook Pro?
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Does the MacBook Air have a DVD drive?

No it does not. But the Macbook pro does. Although, I dont reccomend the new macbook pro. It has screen diplay problems. I reccomend the 2008 vershion of the macbook pro 17 inch.

Where do you put a DVD in a MacBook Pro?

in the right side of macbook pros there is a long slit for the disk to slide in.

Can a MacBook play DVDs?

Of course! A Macbook can play DVDs! yes i have a macbook pro and it plays DVDs. It depends on the model. Certain ones, like the 2012 MacBook Pro I am using, still have DVD drives. My 2013 MacBookPro with Retina Display at home, on the other hand, does not. Apple has been making an effort to phase out DVD/CD-R drives on multiple MacBook models due to their size and the prevalence of streamed media.

What DVD rom does apple use on MacBook Pro retina diaplay?


Does MacBook Pro has a CD drive?

The MacBook Pro's SuperDrive will play and record both CDs and DVDs.

Does macbook pro have CD drive?

yes, a CD and DVD drive

Can you play runescape on your MacBook Pro laptop?

Yes you can.

What is best laptop to play games on?

macbook pro

Are PC CD-ROM compatible with MacBook Pro?

Yes. MacBook Pro has the ablilty to read / write to all current DVD and CD formats. They are not yet, however, able to read or write Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs.

Is the MacBook Pro better than the MacBook Air?

The macbook pro is the best!!!!!!

Which macbook is better than MacBook Pro or air?

MacBook Pro is the best you can get

What is the Rom drive of the MacBook Pro?

Your CD/DVD player is a Read Only Memory drive.

What is better a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Pro with retina display?

macbook pro with retina display way better

Which is better sony vaio or macbook pro?

MacBook Pro!

Is msi gt780r better or MacBook Pro?

The macbook pro!

Where are MacBook pro manufactured?

The Macbook Pro is made in China.

When will the MacBook Pro come out in 2012?

The MacBook Pro is already 'out'. the successor of the Macbook Pro is the recent 2012 Macbook Pro with retina with upgraded performance and screen resoulution and display.

What is better mac book air or mac book pro?

The Macbook Pro , because it has a DVD-drive , a faster processor , bigger hard drive, larger memory. The MacBook Air doesn't have a DVD drive , has a slower processor, and has a small hard drive capacity , not much memory, much slower. Source: I'm on a MacBook Pro Right Now

What is the best MacBook?

The best Macbook is the Macbook Pro

What age can you get a MacBook Pro?

There is no age limit for getting a MacBook Pro.

Can MacBook Pro burn cds?

The DVD drive in a MacBook Pro can burn Audio CD, Data CD, and DVD disks. It will not burn Blu-Ray disks. Types of writes: CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW

Should you get a MacBook or a MacBook Pro if you will use the laptop for music internet and photos?

you probably should get the MacBook. they are cheaper than the MacBook Pro. now, if you want a bigger screen, then get a MacBook Pro.

What is the newest MacBook Pro?

Apple's newest release in the MacBook line is the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

I want to play psp games on my MacBook Pro Is there a way to hook up a psp so that I can use my MacBook as a screen?


How do you eject DVD from a MacBook Pro?

On the top right of your keyboard should be an eject button with the usual triangle with a stripe under; Holding that will eject your DVD.