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I really dont think so u have to be a good student to be able to play sports in School

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Q: Can you play high school sports in Georgia after being exspelled for a year?
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Why are middle school sports being cut?

I think it is because of money being tight, but high school sports are still in, but not for fresman. Hope this helps.

Do you have to be good at sport to be in a sports school?

You do not have to be good at sports or be on a sports team to get into a sports school. However being good at sports might increase your chances of getting in. But if you are smart and you really want to get in I would try to get in

What sports are played in autum?

Well if your asking about sports played in a school, then at my school during that season football was being played for the boys and basketball for the girls.

Do children who play sports for their school have better grades than students that don't play sports for the school?

It depends on how well you play. Being on the sports team and doing well will help get you into a better college.

What are the benefits of school sports being after school?

leadership skills, team skills, communication skills. Sports are a great way to learn how to communicate and associate yourself with others.

Does being in sports help test scores in school?

It depends on what type of person you are. If you only focus on sports and just barely pass your classes, then no, it wont help your test scores. But if you give just as much if not more effort in school as you do sports then yes it might help. Also being in sports gives less "free time", and most of that "free time" will be spent on school work.

What schools do you go to for sports medicine doctors down Atlanta?

Mercer University in Macon, GA is a great sports medicine school. It is a growing school so lots of scholarships are being awarded and given out.

Is keeping sports in school good?

Yes it is because it gives kids things to do instead of being bored

How does school sports teach discipline to students?

I think school sports teach students discipline by being able to keep up with their grades and do better from the moment they're on the team. It teaches them how to manage their time and organize their life.

What does extra curricular mean?

1. Being outside the regular curriculum of a school or college: Sports and drama are the school's most popular extracurricular activities.- farlex

Collins Hill High School is located in what Georgia county?

Collins Hill High School is a high school in Gwinnett County, near Suwanee, Georgia. The school is operated by Gwinnett County Public Schools. Collins Hill was the biggest high school in Georgia when it first opened in 1994. Collins Hill has added 20 acres (81,000 m2) since it first opened. With the only school feeding into it being Creekland Middle School (the largest middle school in the US) the student population of Collins Hill has grown from its original 1377 students to an official highest of about 4,200 students, the current count being 3,730.

Where is WrestleMania 27 being held?

Atlanta Georgia in Georgia Dome

What are the qualifications for being a Georgia representative and a Georgia senator?

you must be legal.

What are the advantages of high school sports?

It depends. Scholastically, you can get college scholarships in certain sports (basketball and football being the primary ones) if you play well enough to get spotted by a college recruiter. Athletically, sports are a great way to get exercise.

How does tedium occur in sports?

Tedium occurs in sports when you are doing nothing, such as standing around. Tedium avoidance is when you are trying to keep on going, or not get bored Tedium: a state of being bored during anything, such as sports, art, school, etc.

How cool is Georgia nethercott?

Georgia Nethercott is renowned for being special, and, as young people say it: 'being cool'.

What is the main religion in Armenia and Georgia?

Christianity is the main religion in Armenia and Georgia. Armenia being mostly Armenian Orthodox and Georgia being Eastern Orthodox.

How do you get into a highly competitive school?

Getting into a competitive school can be difficult. Your best chance is being on the honor roll as much as possible, don't cause trouble in your school, and do after school clubs. Sports are always a good guarantee as well if you're good at them.

Should school children be forced to play Saturday sport?

No, children should enjoy being outdoors to play sports but certainly not forced.

What does 'being cut' in sports mean?

When an athlete is 'being cut' in sports, it means the team that they're currently playing for is releasing them.

Why are sports classified?

sports are classified cuz they feel like being classified

What is the name of player who being a sports minister?

Pele is a sports Minister in Brazil.

What are the pros and cons of being a sports photographer?

One advantage of being a long-term contracted sports photographer is that you can make a great deal of money. A disadvantage to being a freelance sports photographer is that work can be sporadic.

In the state of Georgia can child of 17 leave their home?

The only way a seventeen year old can leave home, in the state of Georgia, with their parents not being able to stop them... is if they aren't in school anymore. Call your local police department.

If you are 17 and pregnant and still is school in the state of Georgia are you considered an adult?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. When she turns 18, she will be a legal adult.