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Can you play ps2 games on the Xbox 360?


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No the Xbox 360 can not play a PS2 game

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No the PS2 does not play Xbox 360 games only the Xbox 360 plays the games for it.

Xbox 360 games do not play on the PS2 or they would be called Xbox 360/PS2 games

No you can not play PS2 Games on the Xbox 360

No it does not play Xbox 360 games

No PS2 games do not play on the Xbox or Xbox 360

No it can not play PS2 games

No of course not that's why there are called Xbox 360 games. They were designed to work on the Xbox 360. PS2 games are designed to work on the PS2 hardware

no. but you kan play playstation1 games on the ps2. hope i helped

No you can not play Xbox games on a PS2

No it was designed for Playstation 2 games and while it can play some PS titles it can not play Xbox or Xbox 360 games

I'm sorry but you can't. The Ps3 can play ps2 games though :)

No they are for the Xbox 360 like you said, why would you think they work on a PS2

All Xbox 360's should be able to play the older Xbox games but you may not be able to save the game as the case with PlayStation 1 games on the PS2.

One cannot play Xbox 360 games in a PlayStation 2 system. While both systems use the DVD storage medium, the formatting is different as they have different CPU architectures. Not to mention being a generation newer than the PS2, Xbox 360 games require more processing power than the PS2 possesses.

You can play original Xbox games on the 360 because it is backwards compatible but you cannot play any other console games on the Xbox 360 because it does not support other discs. There would be no point in other discs if you could play one disc on any console.

The Elite is the name of the Xbox 360 model and none of the Xbox models play any Playstations games or vice versa

PS3 games are DVDs and do not work on the Xbox 360 consoles regardless of the model type

The first game was released before the Xbox 360 was, but you can play it on Xbox 360, just like a PS3 can play PS2 games

no they work on the ps2 hence the name.

Only Xbox 360 games play in the consoles If a game for Xbox 360 is also made in a version for the PS3 or PS2 there are too many to list. There are fewer exclusive games than there are games that come in different versions for other consoles

Ps2 game console is better than xbox 360 because it plays dvd's and maybe cd's. Microsoft has only made xbox 360 games for 7 years and sony has made ps2 games for 12 years. Sony is still making ps2 games! Microsoft is still making xbox 360 games. Accept sony is making more ps3 games than ps2 games. But sony has stopped making ps1 games in 2005.

I would say Xbox 360 because it has way more games good graphics and it has real good Live You can also download games but not on the Ps2 in the Ps2 graphics are good but alot of sports games for it. Ps2 has good games like cars, Madden, 2009 Baseball series and more but alot of sports games. Xbox 360 has action and sports and it is cheaper. I preferred Xbox 360. The question was about the Xbox not the Xbox 360 which compares with PS3 not the PS2. PS2 is way better than the Xbox and that is one reason they are sell being sold and have sold 1.51 billion games

ESPN X Games: Skateboarding is on the PS2 and Game Boy Advance, but not the Xbox 360

Yes The PS2 version of games is always different from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions

Unfortunately not. The old xbox only accepts the xbox compatible discs, which is why you cannot play PS2 games on the xbox. But, if you were to buy the new xbox360 you can play some original xbox games on it, e.g. Halo or The Sims2. _Mr.Poop_ ( :

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