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there is a bar of colors at the botom when that color comes down u hit that color butun on the guitar when it lines up with the color bar down below and at the main menu go to traning,trilels

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Can you play the beatles rock band on xbox360 with an xbox360 controller?

yes you can play the beatles rock band with the xbox360 controller if you have an xbox and if your singing

Will the wireless Les Paul controller from Guitar Hero III work on Rock Band 2 for the xbox360?

Yes it will.

Which is better Rock band or Guitar Hero for xbox360?

guitar hero will work better

Can you use rock band equipment with guitar hero xbox360?


Can you play a Guitar Hero game with a Rock Band Guitar?

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

How do you connect a wireless guitar to rock band for wii?

A normal controller is placed inside the guitar. If your controller works so will your guitar

How do you play thebeatles rock band on 360 with the xbox360 controller?

it should be on the settings

How do you plug in the microphone on xbox360s rock band?

You plug the micropone into the usb port on the Xbox360, you also have to have an Xbox360 controller connected. You can also plug a headset into the controller and use that instead.

Can you play Guitar Hero 3 with rock band guitar?

You should be able to play GH3 with a Rock Band 2 guitar. Not the original Rock Band guitar controller.

Will a rock band 1 guitar controller work on guitar hero?


Is a Guitar Hero 3 Controller compatible with Rock Band?

Yeah you can use the GH I-III controllers as guitar and bass controllers in rock band. Although you can not use the Guitar Hero 1-3 guitar controllers on the PS3 console. You will need to buy the Rock Band guitar controller.

Will rock band guitar controller work on Guitar Hero?

We don't know. Sorry.

Will the rock band Wii guitar controller work on ps3?


Does Brutal Legend use a guitar or controller?

Controller... its not actually a rock band type game.

Does the guitar hero 2 controller work with rock band?

Yes It Does any guitar hero controller for any game console will work

Can you use the Wii Rock Band guitar controller on Guitar hero 3 for Wii?

Sorry, no.

Can you use the game Guitar Hero with rock band?

a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Will rock band equipment work with guitar hero world tour for the xbox360?


Can the guitar hero equipment be used in the beatles rock band?

it can but not all of the features on the rock band guitar is equal to the guitar hero controller but yes you can play normally as a synchronized guitar.

Is guitar hero 3 drum controller compatible with rock band?


Will Guitar Hero 3 guitar for wii work with rock band 2?

Yes. I use my GH3 controller when I play Rock Band.

Can you play guitar hero 5 on the ps2 with a normanl controller?

Yes, if you want to sing. And if you have a microphone.You need a guitar controller to play the guitar parts though. No band game (GH:WT or later or RB) will allow you to play guitar using the regular controller.

What distinguishes the game Rock Band from Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero uses only a guitar as the game controller, whereas, Rock Band introduces not only a guitar but drums and vocals as their controllers.

Do guitar hero controllers work for rock band?

It depends on which system you will be using. PS2: Yes XBOX360: Yes PS3: No, As of this time (11/27/2007) Harmonix is stating that Rock Band will not be compatible with the GH3 guitar but they may release a patch in the future. Apparently the PS3 GH3 controller uses a usb dongle which the Rock Band game does not have a driver for.

Will Guitar Hero 2 controller be compatible with Guitar Hero metallica on xbox 360?

Yes any controller is compatible with any Guitar Hero Game plus Rock Band 2

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