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Can you play with Sora in Kingdom Hearts?


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Sora is the main character, you play AS Sora.

updated in most of them you play as sora but some you have to unlock him like 358/2 days

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Sora is the main character because the plot of Kingdom Hearts revolves around Sora, who is the character that you play as in the majority of Kingdom Hearts games.

You play as sora after your last fight with Axle using Roxas.

No because right after 358/2 days is kingdom hearts 2, but you can play as Sora on 358/2 days if you complete the missions 100%.

Sora - Kingdom Hearts - was created in 2002.

u play as roxas in the beginning of kingdom hearts 2 but then he dissapears so u have 2 play as sora from then on

In the original Kingdom Hearts game, you can only play as Sora.

The only playable character in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is Sora,herculis and cloud in the collisium.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days you can unlock Sora and Mickey as playable charecters. As of now, you cannot play as Diz.

roxas is the nobody of sora, originated after sora released his heart in Kingdom Hearts I

you can't play as him just as Sora

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, you can only play as Sora in multiplayer mode when choosing your character (provided that you unlocked him). The only character you play as in the complete story is Roxas.

Sora isn't in Pokemon, he is in Kingdom Hearts.

you cant you can only be sora but in kingdom hearts 2 there will be some parts where you are not sora.

NO!, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a game.

In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

There is a Kingdom Hearts 3 called: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories for PS2.

No, they did not made an Anime of Kingdom Hearts. Sora did not appear on TV.

Actually, Sora have the summon of him in kingdom hearts 1.If you don't mind.Why mushu know Sora in kingdom hearts 2.Beacause of summon!

No, I don't think you can. I think you can onlyplay as sora and a heartless. Sorry. :-(

Sora does not have a last name, he is 'just' Sora.

no you play as 3 characters Ventus (Ven) Aqua Terra and its no kh3 its kingdom hearts birth by sleep

Sora was not asleep at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1. He did not go to sleep until the end of Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories and awakes at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2.

dude you have to play as roxas for a little then you get to play as sora for ALL the time you want

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