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No. Although scientists can monitor signs that a volcano is getting ready to erupt they are nowhere near predicting the day a volcano will erupt. They might not even be able to predict the month or even the year that it will erupt.

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Q: Can you predict the exact day when a current volcano will erupt?
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What year did the volcano in Santorini erupt causing a tsunami over Crete?

The exact year of the eruption is not known. Estimates vary between 1540 and 1642 BC.

Can scientist tell when a volcano is going to erupt?

Kinda-sorta.It's a bit like weather reports, they can tell what's probable, and they can say if the risk in increasing or decreasing, but they can never give an exact date.Or an exact estimate of the force and duration of the eruption.No, but they try because it can save livesNot really. Although scientists can often tell if a volcano will erupt relatively soon, they can't tell when it will occur until it actually happens.

Can you predict lunar eclipses?

you can predict them but does not mean that your predictions are right You can calculate when they will be to the exact time.

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No. The principles of probability are not deterministic. They cannot predict exact answers to anything.

How may times does a volcano erupt in it's life?

It depends on the location and when it first erupted and how bad that eruption was. If it was really bad then it might not erupt for hundreds of years later that's just how it is. Some scientist don't know and that's the truth so there isn't an exact answer to that question.

What exact time did mount Vesuvius erupt?

it was about 1 o,clock

What is the exact location of taal volcano?


What is the exact location of the taal volcano?


How many people were evacuated when Mount Etna erupt?

I couldn't find an exact number but, locals from towns and villagers within a 15km radius of the volcano were evacuated in the four days prior to the October 2002 eruption.

When will mount saint helens erupt?

Predicting volcanic eruptions although part of the science of volcanology is the most difficult thing to successfully accomplish. The times between eruptions of volcanoes varies, and does not follow an exact pattern or time frame between eruptions. The only way that scientists have an idea of when a volcano will next erupt is when the volcano starts showing signs of unrest, and than it still depends heavily on what types of unrest the scientists are witnessing.

How many times has a volcano erupted in Tasmania?

12 times to be exact

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