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print a fake diploma and you'll get the credit

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Q: Can you prove you graduated High School without your Diploma?
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What if you don't have enough credits to graduate?

Simple: You don't graduate, you don't get a diploma, and on every work application that asks if you graduated high school, you have to mark "no". This means that in most cases, your job application goes into the garbage can before they even read your name! If you do not have sufficient credits to graduate, you should immediately speak to you High School adviser, vice-principal, principal or administrator to find out exactly what your options are to get the necessary credits. The administrators and advisers are there to help and if you show you are serious, they will do everything they can to help you complete the necessary work to get your diploma. A high school diploma is absolutely necessary to be even considered for many jobs, and play into the roll of how fast an employer may promote you or give you raises, NO MATTER HOW WELL YOU DO in the work place or how smart you prove yourself to be. It sounds unfair, but it's the cold hard facts. The diploma is a ticket. Without it, you can't get into many places.

Can you have a homeschool dipolma?

In most places, yes. Sometimes you have to take a test to prove to your government or school district that you learned all the material required to graduate high school. In other places, your parents can simply make a diploma and it will be recognized as a real diploma. Most Colleges and Universities waive the requirement of seeing an 'official' diploma for homeschool students and use alternative ways to see if that student is qualified to attend their school.

What type of house can you rent with a high school diploma?

A high school diploma means nothing. You need to prove you can pay the rent. That means a steady job. Some agreements even want proof of a job for the last two years. For others, a student loan and a co-signer with a steady job is enough.

Does Publix supermarkets require a high schooldiploma to be hired?

No. Publix hires employees as young as 14 in certain situations for limited employment. While it is an advantage to have a diploma, it is not required for employment unless there is a specific reason required by the state. One such instance is when a person is applying for work full time when he/she is under the minimum age for full time employment in their state. In this instance, they must prove that they are no longer under the state requirement for school aged children, i.e. they have graduated from high school.

What are school ID cards for?

They are used to prove that you are really a student at that school.

How old do you have to work at Publix in Mobile Alabama on hillcrest?

The minimum age for work in Alabama is 14. In order to work at that age, you must have valid permission from your school. This is an actual work permit from your school guidance office. Your work hours are severely limited because of your age. Untill the age of 18, you must have this work permit or prove that you have graduated from school.

What does the diploma do in Pokemon sapphire?

Ok to get the diploma go get all 200-202 Pokemon talk to the game designer in the lilycove hotel and he will give the diploma to u and from what ive heard its just a certifacit to prove u did get em all and like braging rites it might be more tho!!!!!!

What is Reigate School's motto?

Reigate School's motto is 'Excellence is easy to prove'.

What type of education is needed to become a Business Development Manager?

In order to become a business development manager you normally need to have graduated from high school. Other than that, you can either take a business management course at college, or get the necessary experience at work and prove your skills.

How do I prove employee dishonesty?

The best way to prove employee dishonesty is by keeping a record of evidence that may prove your view. Without evidence or a witness, it may be difficult to prove it.

How can you prove your dalmatian is pedigree?

You must have papers for both the Mother and Father of the dog. Without papers, there is no way to prove without a shadow of a doubt that the breed is purebred or not.

How can you get the equivalent certificate from ministry of education abu dhabi uae?

Diploma Equalization is something done in the UAE. It must be gotten from the Ministry of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi. This is to prove that the degree gotten in a foreign country is up to UAE standards. Documents needed are transcript from high school and college or university, and diplomas from high school and college.