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yes if they are both the same size front to back ans side to side and make shur all the conectors and so on are the same

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Q: Can you put a 1995 f-250 e40d transmission in a 1990 f-250 with a e40d tran they both have a 5.8 moter and they do look the same?
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Will a 1995 f-250 e40d trans work in my 1990 f-250 it also has a e4od tran they both have a 58 moter they both look the same?

Yes, if the motor is the same. The year doesn't neccessarily matter as the same engines and trannies were offered for multiple years. Since the 1990 f250 already had a e4od then you know for sure that it will work.

Is a 1989 Nissan Maxima transmission the same as a 1990 Nissan Maxima transmission?

The short answer is yes. Both the 1989 and 1990 models use the RS5F50A manual or RE4F02A automatic transmission.

Can a 93 ford explorer starter fit a 95?

If they are both automatic transmission , or both manual transmission , they have the same part numbers for a 1993 and a 1995

Can you put a 1995 f-250 e40d tran in a 1990 f-250 that also has a e40d tran they both look the same and have a 5.8 moter?

you can, but it will require you to replace the output shaft on the '95 trans. with your old '90 model, as there is a worm gear built onto the old style output shaft to drive the speedometer cable. To replace the output shaft, you have to nearly completely teardown the transmission.

Can you swap a 1988 RX7 transmission with a 1990 RX7?

as long as they are both non-turbo or both turbo.

Will a 1987 lebaron transmission work in a 1990 lebaron?

Yes, it fits (if both are 4 bangers or if both are V6)

What motor works on both ac and dc supply?

dc series moter

Will a 1995 Chevy astro vans engine and transmission fit a 1999 Chevy s10 pickup?

Both use the 4.3 V6 and 4L60E transmission (assuming they're both auto). They'll work.

Will the transmission from a 1996 4x4 4.3 Blazer fit A 1995 4x4 4.3 S-10?

Yes. They both use the same 4L60E transmission.

Will a C6 transmission bolt into a 1990 ford bronco?

measure both bell housings,dont think they are the same

Will 1990 454 SS wheels fit 1995 1500 silverado?

Yes it will both Chevy both 5 lug nuts why wouldn't fit

Does an 1988 topaz transmission fit a 1990 topaz?

If it is the same engine, both either standard or auto, might have to check if the 1990 had over drive, cause the 88 or most of them did not.

What auto transmission will interchange with a 1995 Cougar with a 4.6 liter engine?


Will a 1990 Jeep transmission fit on a 1995 Jeep?

They are both YJ's so if the engine is the same then the transmission should match up too, you might want to be careful that the transmissions are the same model because the transfer case needs to bolt to the rear. There were a few different versions of the transmissions available, and these varied for several reasons, so yes, engine and transmission model match, yes the years are compatible.

Why does the Power window on the passenger side not work after both switches have been replaced?

power window moter is bad.

Will a 1989 ford probe transmission out of the 4cly fit the 1990 probe v6 both being a 5 speed?

i think that it might work

Is a 1994 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission the same as the 1990 Geo Prizm automatic transmission?

when gm took over Toyota they did a lot of cars with the same engines. look at the engines in both, if they are the same engine then they should be nearly the same transmission

Can a 1990 2.0 Sunbird engine be put in a 1992 Sunbird Will it bolt up with the transmission and exhaust all right?

if both are automatic and both have STOCK exhaust systems it should be alright

Will a 1995 sable transmission fit in a 1992 Lincoln Continental both are 3.8 L engines?

More than likely yes it will fit.

What is the automatic transmission fluid type for a 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

Chrysler ATF+4. Works for both 4cyl (30RH) and 6cyl(32RH)

Will transmission out of a 1994 Chevy truck 4x4 fit in a 1995 Chevy truck 4x4 both have 350 engines?

Yes it will, Thay are the same.

Sliding on Pontiac trans sport door is stuck how do you get it opened?

if both the inside and outside door handles work then the cable that opens the door automaticlyis jamed in the moter. Replace the auto open moter or like I did cut the cable and use the door manuly.the cable and auto moter is located under the trim on the passenger side in the rear hatch area

Will a 1995 dodge automatic transmission fit a 1996 and both being 4 wheel drive?

It would bolt up, but it will not shift. They use different control systems. The 1995 is hydraulic and the 1996 is electronic.

Will a 1995 Honda Civic transamission fit into a 1993 Honda Civic dx?

Both models are the 5th generation so they should have the same transmission.

Dodge shadow 1990 back up lights doesn't work how to fix them?

It could be the switch on the shifter or transmission. It could be that both bulbs are burn out or a bad ground on both sockets. Mine had a bad ground on both sockets.