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extended questionI'm also going to put the tranny and transfer case in it also so its not only the engine being replaced>
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Is it possible to replace a Chrysler engine with a ford engine of the same stroke volume?

With enough money anything is possible.

What is the engine size in cc's for a ford transit van 2.5?

Is it possible 2500cc!!! Is it possible 2500cc!!! Is it possible 2500cc!!!

Can you put a Ford engine in a Chevy pickup?

Yes it is possible, but not easy.

Is it possible to put a Ford 2.0 Ztec engine in a Ford Pinto?

Possible? Yes it is possible. Easy? NO! This would be a very difficult swap. You better have lots of skill and the proper tools.

Why is your Ford Explorer engine loud during acceleration?

Possible exhaust leak

Will a 1993 Ford Cobra SVT engine fit in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

With enough time and money anything is possible.

Can you put a 89 Ford Escort engine in a newer model Ford Escort?

Yes, it is possible to put a 89 Ford Escort engine in a newer model of the Ford Escort. It is however important to note that all this needs some fabrication.

Is the engine a free wheeling engine?

Yes, the Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest engine, 3.0L and 3.3L, are all freewheeling engines at the insistance of Ford to enter into the joint venture program. The Maxima and Pathfinder with the same engine remained non- freewheeling (interference engines). I work for Ford and worked on the Villager program from 1989 to 2002 and was personally involved in the development of this program.

What are symptoms of oxygen sensor fault on Ford Fiesta?

possible symptoms are the engine warning light will be on

Can you install a GM3800 series II engine into a 1950 Ford?

With fabrication and a fat wallet anything is possible.

Can you replace a 1994 Chevy camaro v-6 engine with a v-6 engine from a 2006 ford freestyle?

anything is possible

What is the torque for valve cover bolts on a Ford 5.0 engine?

The valve cover on a Ford 5.0 engine has a torque of 10 foot-pounds, though this can vary between other models. If possible, locate a service manual, which will list the specs for your particular engine.

Can you put non Honda engine in a 1998 Honda Civic LX?

With a lot of fabrication anything is possible. I've seen a Ford 5.0 engine in a Civic.

Ford Focus engine?

How do you turn of the engine on a new ford focus

When did ford start producing the 4.6 engine?

Ford introduced the 4.6 liter engine in 1962 in the Ford Fairlane. It was a replacement engine for the 5.0 liter Windsor engine.

What is the stock horsepower for a Ford 429 engine?

The stock horsepower for a Ford 429 engine is 320. The Ford 429 engine was used on Ford vehicles made in the 1950s and 1960s.

Is a 3.0 engine and 3.8 engine interchangable on a 1991 Ford Taurus?

Interchange would only be possible if you had a ENTIRE donor car, harness, transmission, axles ,mounts.etc

Would a bad TPS cause rough shifting on a 1994 ford escort AT w 1.9L engine?

yes it is possible

Can you convert a vauxhall cavaleir engine into a mark1 or mark2 Ford Mondeo?

Yes with the correct conversion parts anything it possible

Does the 2003 Ford Focus 2.0 SOHC have an interference engine?

The SOHC 2.0 Ford engine is NOT an interference engine

Where is Ford Ranger engine number?

The Ford Ranger engine number can be found on the engine identification plate. The engine identification plate can be found on the engine block.

Can you replace a 1986 Ford Ranger engine with an engine from a 1983 Ford Ranger?


What size engine does the 2007 Ford Expedition have?

The 2007 Ford Expedition has a V8 engine.

What size engine does the 2007 Ford Mustang have?

The 2007 Ford Mustang has a V6 engine.

What size engine does the 2008 Ford Taurus have?

The 2008 Ford Taurus has a V6 engine.

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