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Yes, they will not fight, but they will breed and can have anywhere from 1-100 babies so if you want to breed them it is good and if you dont then it is not such a good idea. They will not harm each other Answer You shouldn't put any fish in a fish bowl unless you want to torture them! Give them a real aquarium. Most guppy aquariums are at least 5-10 gallons that's what i would consider. Hope this helps.

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Q: Can you put a female and a male guppy together in a fish bowl?
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What is an example sentence with the word guppy?

He had a guppy in his fish bowl.Another name for guppy is rainbow fish.The kitten put her paw in the fish bowl to catch the guppy.

Can two different guppy fish mate?

Any male Guppy (Lebistese reticulatus) can impregnate any female guppy. No matter what their common names are they are still guppies and provided they are male and female they can and will breed together.

How can you get your female guppy fish pregnant?

All that is needed is a male guppy in with her.

Can you have a guppy in a fish bowl?

The shape of the bowl, or aquarium, is not important. What is important is that it be equipped as a tropical fish habitat, with heater, aerator, thermometer, etc. If you do not have these things, then no, you cannot have a guppy in a fish bowl. It will have a very short lifespan if you try it.

Will a female betta fish mate with a male guppy fish?


Why does your male guppy chase your female swordtail fish?

guppy's and sword tails can crossbreed!!

Does the guppy take care of its eggs?

A guppy fish is a live bearing fish, but the female generally does not take care of her young, and will eat them.

How can you identify a female guppy fish from a male guppy fish?

Female guppies are larger and plainer. The male is distinctive for his long, flowing, colourful tail and generally brilliant colours.

Can a bass fish and a guppy fish live in the same tank together?

i belive not because the bass fish is big and the guppy fish is small and they might not get along

How do you tell the difference between a fat female guppy fish and a pregnant guppy fish?

The Gravid female will have the dark "gravid spot" in front of her vent. I can however assure you that if there has been a male in the same tank with a female guppy for any reasonable length of time she will be gravid.

Why would the male guppy kill the female guppy?

The male guppy would not (highly unlikely) kill the female on purpose. When this situation happens though, it's usually because of an imbalance in your aquarium between male and female fish population. The golden rule is 2 female for 1 male fish, otherwise it's likely that the male fish will "harass" the female fish, which will make her stress out and eventually die.

Why does my male guppy keep nipping my female guppy?

he may be trying to mate or if he is a fighter fish.. trying to kill

Why do guppy fish lose their colour?

They don't. The female fish are less colourful.

Can you have just one female guppy in the tank with one male guppy?

Simple answer is yes you can. re: but the thing is that ur male guppy has a "need" and if ur female guppy doesnt give it to him, he s gonna keep on bothering, in the end ur female guppy will will bite ur male guppy, so i suggest 2 to 3 females per male. The advice given above is correct. BUT ONLY if your tank/fish container is large enough to hold that amount of fish. Remember the basic rule is 1" of fish needs 1Gal of water.

Your guppy guppy you raised you thought was a female but now has the gordium of a male same length of a female but the pointy thing of a amale and it dont breed what is it male or female?

If the fish has a "GONOPODIUM" it is definitely a male.

What is the difference between guppy fry and guppy fish?

Guppy fry are the newborn babies and guppy fish are not babies

how do you tell a female guppy from a male guppy?

This is with every fish, the males bottom fin is like a spike as the females are like a circle.

Can a normal female guppy mate with a Madagascar rainbow fish?

Nope, that can not happen.

Signs of guppy birth?

If you have a female guppy, and then you see that she has lost size and you have some small fish in with it that you didn't put in there, I can assure you that you would probably be correct if you assume that your Guppy has given birth.

Is a guppy a reptile?

No, a guppy isn't a reptile. A guppy is a fish.

Do only male fighting fish fight?

yes because the female will get killed if they fought a male fish. I know someone who has two female Betta fish and they are in the same bowl i thought they would fight as a result they don't fight they play tag and other games.NEVER EVER PUT TWO MALES INTO A FISH BOWL TOGETHER AND NEVER PUT A FEMALE WITH A MALE TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY WILL KILL EACH OTHER.

Do guppy fish have to have a filter in their tank?

do guppy fish have to have a filter in the tank

What outer covering does a guppy have?

A Guppy is a tropical fish, and has an outer covering of fish-scales.

How do you tell a female guppy from a female mosquito fish?

Mosquito fish dont have any color, they are mainly tan or grey in color, and they are thinner and longer looking.

Can you keep guppy fish in bowl?

i would doing it woune last that long at all it less you have a boll