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No you can't connect a Side Kick in Metro PCS !

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No. the sidekick phone is t-moble

]yes it can be done I've seen it. one of my employees have it. I get it done just give some time...

You can only get a Sidekick from T-Mobile. However, the Sidekick is actually a re-brand of the Danger Hiptop, which you can get other places.

The T-Mobile Sidekick is a re-brand of the Danger Hiptop. Danger was recently bought by Microsoft, so effectively Microsoft manufactures the Sidekick.

yes. its from t mobile......they have a sidekick 1,2,3,LX,I.D., and 2008

The Sidekick 3 is a smartphone, marketed by T-Mobile.

The Sidekick is flahsed to T-Mobile. You would have to unlock it first and then you could move it to AT&T, however, you would need the unlock code.

if you have a plan, and you have T-Mobile you will have to call T-Mobile and tell them that your using a sidekick. It will be worse or maybe you will have to pay more if the bill comes because T-Mobile does not known that your using a sidekick.

You Would Have To Call Your Provider (t-mobile customer !)get the envy3 its the best cuz it Verizon you smarties

No, a t-mobile sidekick can't be used with a boost mobile service, tried it already!

i am not exactly sure but i have heard that if you turn the sidekick on, hold the [R] key take out the battery while still holding [R] then put the battery back in then turn your sidekick on, then let go of [R] then it should reset the original settings and should work for AT&T

Hi the first thing you do to put music on a side kick is to get a music browser like bliubster and download music then you just plug up your sidekick and transfer the songs to there!!....thank you for reading if any problems

no ,at the t-moblie store they only have the new sidekick slide's and sidekick lx`s which they are really fun but you can find a sidekick 2 on eBay or like at the swap-meet

Use the link to the Sidekick support area of the T-Mobile site. this a lie

The latest T-Mobile Sidekick was recently released with 4G capabilities. You can find more information online at their website:

T-Mobile is definately better. It covers many areas that Metro does not.

TOTALLY! i love my sidekick and it is awesome! definitely worth it!

The sidekick 4g starts at $79.99. The price may vary where you get it. But if you get from T-Mobile it starts at $79.99.

If you mean "make" as cell phone carrier, then the answer is T-mobile. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is the only carrier that sells any type of Sidekick cell phone. If you mean "make" as cell phone carrier, then the answer is T-mobile. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is the only carrier that sells any type of Sidekick cell phone.

No, it is actually a T-Mobile phone.

All you gotta do is go to your nearest T-Mobile store and convince them it's yours. Then you can purchase a plan and put the number on that phone.

1-) T-mobile Sidekick LX2-) G13-) Iphone4-) Blackberry5-) T-mobile Sidekick 08

Soon. Once Metro merges with T-Mobile (which also has the iPhone now) the iPhone will be available because Metro will start using T-Mobile's bandwidths.

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