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Can you put ice in a portable air conditioner?


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No, you can not put ice into a portable air conditioner. I think you are actually referring to a portable air cooler, in which case, you can put ice into the water chamber.

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You put a portable air conditioner on the casement of a window by placing it midway on the window casement. You then close the window so it sits on top of the air conditioner.

You don't need to put a portable unit in your window,but you do have to vent it outside somehow.The hot air has to go somewhere.

You may want to check out Youtube.com for instructions on your Portable Air Conditioner. They have how to's and instructional videos on how to get things complete safely and accurately.

You would put it in like you are going to install an vertical conditioner only, you put it in the opposite direction.

Yes you can put ice in front of your air conditioner. And as a matter of fact, for each ton of ice that you use up, you will have gotten a ton of cooling done. This is the origin of the term "Ton" as it is applied to cooling. A ton of cooling is 12,000 btuh. So if you use up a ton of ice per hour, it will give you the same cooling effect as a 12,000btuh window air conditioner!

either A.) remove 2 lowest panes out and frame it out for the A/C unit. B.) find another window.

If it is just a fan, it will not cool it, it will simply blow the air around. To cool the air, you need a portable air conditioner. This will suck air in, cool it down, vent the hot air out (usually through the window, but can also be vented out through the roof or into a different room) and put the remaining cool air back into your room.

It's not. When you put ice in a glass the glass quickly becomes cold. Glass actually is a good insulator because in the summer when you have the air conditioner on in your house, glass keeps the hot air out and the cool air in.

A portable air conditioner makes it easy to have cool air in any part of your house or office. They are usually designed to roll from room to room, and they take up very little space. All you need is a window to allow the hot air to escape, and you can have an air conditioned room any day or night. Benefits in a Hot Climate Most homes and offices in warm climates are equipped with central air conditioning that delivers cold air through vents in each room. The trouble with central air conditioning is that it has a tendency to break down when it is used excessively. If you have a portable air conditioner as a backup, you won’t have to suffer through days of unbearable heat while you wait for the repairman to fix your central air conditioner unit. You can keep the portable air conditioner in the room you stay in the most, and maintain a comfortable temperature all day. Benefits in a Mild Climate Even the mildest climate experiences heat waves every now and then. If you live in an area that doesn’t usually experience much heat, you will not be ready for the intense discomfort that heat brings. A portable air conditioner is the perfect answer if you only need to cool a room for a week or two every year. Portable air conditioners are not very expensive, but they can provide much needed relief during the warmest parts of the year. The Convenience of Easy Storage No matter what kind of climate you live in, it is unlikely that you will need to use your portable air conditioner all of the time. The convenient small size and shape of portable air conditioners makes them very easy to store away until you need them again. You can put them in a closet or a garage and forget about them until the heat starts to rise once more. Portable air conditioners are very durable, and will last for years if they are cleaned regularly. If you store a portable air conditioner in a garage, you may find that you like to use it to cool the garage when you are working out there.

I suggest that you put your air conditioner on low or use the fan on the air conditioner because it uses less energy. Another thing you could do is take a regular fan and put in the window to get air flow.

Any air conditioner will do, but a quiet one is best. Consider GE's quiet air conditioner line, as they shouldn't wake infants.

Appreciate an answer as need to put in a plexiglass window to accomodate an air conditioner exhaust pipe for a portable ac

how many pounds of freeon di i add..an were do i put it in.does the air conditioner have to be on when charging

The previous answer was "Yes It is totally portable. You will need a portable extension cord also or a portable AC generator." It is self-evident that it is portable in the sense that you can uninstall it from one place and reinstall it elsewhere. However, the normal use of the word "portable" when it comes to air conditioners is that you can move it from one room to another as opposed to keeping it fixed in the window or wall. Check this out by looking up "portable air conditioners" at virtually any appliance website. The problem with air conditioners is that the way they work is to use air to add room heat to a fluid (compressed Freon), which is inside the coils, and this fluid is circulated inside the air conditioning coils to the outside part of the air conditioner, where it then exchanges the heat it has picked up by giving it to the outside air. The cooled freon (or other fluid) is then recirculated back into the room part of the air conditioner where it picks up more heat. So if you took an air conditioner and put it down on your living room floor and turned it on, it would certainly start exhausting cold air out the front panel. The problem is that it would also be emitting heat out the back through the coils, and, since the system is not 100% efficient, the heat would not merely neutralize the cold air that is coming out the front: it would actually start getting warmer in the room, because the air conditioner is not only inefficient, it is also performing mechanical work that creates heat, such as from the motion of the fan. Study thermodynamics. With a portable unit, you have to have a specific exhaust, and a portable unit cannot effectively recirculate air for the reason I mentioned: it has to have an exhaust for hot air. So a normal window or through-the-wall air conditioner is not portable in that sense because it has no method for getting rid of the heat it has picked up other than by throwing it back into the room, since there is no way to cool the heated up part of the coils.

Most of the old fashioned portable air conditioners need to placed near a window, but now the portable air conditioners could be placed anywhere in the house.

If dust is coming from your air conditioner, you did not put in a filter. You will ruin your air conditioner running it without a filter. Also, the vents will get dusty. You need to clean them.

unless the air conditioner is on the same circuit and drawing enough power to hinder the computer, or there is enough humidity to cause condensation on the computer, no. computers love to be cold.

The undesired hot air needs to be put out of the room your trying to cool.

Put it in the freezer. If you mean in a portable way, I can't really answer that.

Yes, a central air conditioner can be installed in a house that currently uses room air conditioners as long as there is a place to put the fan outdoors.

he rabbed a few pieces and put them together and made air conditionging

Buy an air conditioner. Another way is to put fans in the room and get the air circulating

I'd like to invite you to consider for a moment what the "window exhaust" is for.Air conditioners work by making the second law of thermodynamics run, locally, in reverse: moving heat from a cool place to a hot place. In order to put cool air out the front, they've got to put hot air out the back. Or at least put it somewhere.Hopefully it's fairly obvious that if you've got an air conditioner sealed in a windowless room, there's no place for the hot air to go, so the room is not going to get any cooler. In fact, it's going to be slightly warmer than it would if the air conditioner wasn't there at all, because running the air conditioner produces some amount of heat.

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