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Are you serious? There is no screen, of course you can't put Music Videos on an iPod shuffle, how would you watch them?

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How do you put music into your iPod Shuffle?

You can put music onto your ipod shuffle by downloading music onto your computer then uploading it to itunes which can then transfer the music to your ipod.

How do you put music onto an old ipod shuffle?

In order to put music onto an old iPod Shuffle, you need to put it on through iTunes. Your iTunes must mesh with the iPod app.

How do you download music onto an iPod Shuffle?

You hook up the Shuffle to your computer, and iTunes should recognize the Shuffle. If not, open iTunes and it will find the Shuffle. Then all you have to do is drag your music from iTunes onto your Shuffle.

How do you download music from iTunes onto your iPod?

When you connect your USB cord to your computer and your iPod, all the music, videos, and everything you have in itunes should automatically sync onto your iPod.

How do you put music from a CD onto an ipod shuffle?

on your pc/mac open itunes. get the CD-ROM on insert it into the CD drive. import it using itunes. plug your ipod shuffle into the computer (via usb.) sync your ipod and you are finished.

How do you transfer the music from itunes LimeWire files onto your ipos shuffel?

My best answer is to turn it into a mp3 file from iTunes LimeWire, then save it onto your computer. Then plug in your iPod shuffle on the computer, and import the saved music from your computer to the iPod.

Using iPod Shuffle For Running?

The iPod Shuffle is ideal for runners who enjoy listening to music while they work out. The Shuffle is small enough that it can fit into a pocket or clip onto a shirt without adding substantial weight. A runner can easily manipulate the buttons on the new iPod Shuffle with no hesitation to interrupt a successful sprint. When it comes to running, bigger is not necessarily better so the iPod Shuffle is a good choice.

How do you get a movie onto itune onto a iPod?

iPod can only play mp4 videos. If your videos are the right videos, you can transfer them to iPod directly with iTunes. If your videos are not the right formats, you need to convert them to iPod MP4 formats with a converter.

Do music videos cost?

It depends. On video sites, such as YouTube, it does not cost to see or play music videos. However, if you were to want to download music videos onto your iPod or mp3 player, it would cost you so that music video can be at your disposal.

Why doesn't my music load onto my iPod?

Possibly because you haven't clicked the manage music and videos button, or you need to automatically sync it.

Can you get Fred videos on a iPod?

You cannot download Fred videos, so you can't download them onto an iPod.

How do you get music videos on your 4th generation iPod?

You go to the Itunes® store and you search the song. if it has a music video it should load onto it if the Ipod® has video capabilities. hope this helped

Can the iPod nano 6th generation play video?

Nope, but music videos can be synced onto your device and you can watch those.

How do you download movie onto your iPod?

iPod can only play mp4 videos. If your videos are the right videos, you can transfer them to ipod directly with iTunes. If your videos are not the right formats, you need to convert them to iPod MP4 formats with a converter.

How do i move music purchased onto my iPod?

drag the music to the ipod icon

Can you transfer music and videos from one iPod to another or a blank iPod?

Yes. You get on itunes and make sure you have everything in your purchased folder. Unplug your ipod and plug in the new one. drag all of the purchased songs or videos (ect) to the ipod folder. they should be one by one synced onto your ipod. You need an iPod transfer to help you copy music and video from one iPod to another iPod.

How do you put purchased music from Apple onto your iPod?

You sync your music to the iPod with the iTunes software (See links below). If you have an iPod Touch you can use the iTunes app on the iPod to purchase music directly onto the iPod.

Do you have to have a iTunes account to download music to an iPod?

No, you do not have to have an iTunes account to get music onto an iPod.

How do you play songs on an iPod shuffle?

Assuming you have done the required steps of connecting the iPod to a computer with iTunes, putting music onto it and charging it, all you have to do is plug in some earphones, turn the device on and press 'play'.

How mow much does to cost download itunes onto a ipod nano?

You cannot download the PC/Mac version of iTunes onto any iPod. Out of the box, however, iPods automatically have the ability to play music and videos.

How do you put videos on a first generation ipod nano?

The first generation ipod nano can play music only. So, you just can copy videos onto 1G nano, as memory storage. If you want to play MV onto 1G nano, you need to extract audio from the video.

How do you get your itunes music onto your ipod nano?

Ok, you go to file, look for the option to sync music onto your iPod (Nano, Touch, any kind) and click sync music and it will put all the music on the computer onto the iPod, no matter the type.

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