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It should be fine. I have a casserole dish that I labeled with a sharpie, and I use it all the time with no fumes and no problems. Hope this helps!

2006-11-29 17:19:45
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Would permanent marker hurt eyes if used for eyeliner?

Permanent marker has fumes and chemicals in it and I wouldn't recommend using it as eyeliner out of anything. Your eyes would probably sting a lot. If not, they'd be hurting while you try washing it off. Not recommended.

Could you get hi off of a sharpie marker?

It is very risking due to the amount of fumes from the alcohol. I recommend nobody should get high from a sharpie marker.

What is the source of fumes?

the fumes is the fumes that expose in the fumes that reqiured to make some fumes for fumes

Why is burning Garbage is harmful to your environment?

I think the fumes or something go into the atmosphere and screw with everything.

What can nail polish fumes do to you?

well a few people use nail polish fumes, permenant marker and paint fumes as a drug. Sometimes it causes you to get high when people breathe it in alot and take strong deep breaths. It's called "huffing" well that's its' street name. it can cause death sometimes fainting and of course off to the emergency room if something really bad happens. Hope that was helpful, my advice to u is try hard not to breathe in the nail polish smell, after polishing a finger, turn to the side and take a deep breath of clean air. Jessica

Why do people use methanol to illegally adulterate alcoholic products?

Methanol is extremely toxic and causes permanent damage to optic nerves in minute quantities, causing blindness. Even exposure to small amounts of fumes over a long time can make a person go completely blind. Anyone who mixes it with something to drink has something seriously wrong with him.

Is it safe for a baby to breath paint fumes?

no defonatly not if you are decorating you should get a babysitter to take him/her to the park or something!!!!!!!!!!

What type of fumes and are they fumes harmful?

Many fumes are harmful in fact most fumes are harmful. There are many type of fumes and most of them are harmful but they can be filtered and cleansed to stop them harming th eenvironment

Can you get a rash from diesel fumes?

You certainly can get a rash from diesel fumes. This is because these fumes are an irritant to your skin.

What has the author Harold D Van Wagenen written?

Harold D. Van Wagenen has written: 'Assessment of selected control technology techniques for welding fumes' -- subject(s): Health aspects, Health aspects of Welding, Safety measures, Welding, Welding fumes

What is a name for car engine fumes?

Exhause Fumes.

What are exhaust fumes from cars an example of?

exhaust fumes of a car

When you do not ventilate your boat after fueling what happens to the gas fumes?

The boat could blow up. Gasoline fumes are very explosive. That is why boats are required by law to have ventilation for the engine room. If there are fumes and there is a spark from something electrical then the boat could explode. Always ventilate after fueling for at least 4 minutes, and make sure that electrical equipment on the boat is UL listed as ignition protected. That means it won't ignite any gas fumes. Always check for fumes with your nose before starting the engine.

What is a Dirt bike breather pipe?

A breather is something you put on your gas tank to let the fumes out. It is the hose coming out of your tank.

What are the dangers of inhalants?

the fumes from toxic chemicals can kill you fast (heart stops, suffocation accidents) or slowly (brain damage). they can also cause permanent injuries such as nerve or kidney damage, permanent paralysis or shaking, brain damage and loss of bladder control (AKA YOUR URINATING PROCESSER)

Do gas fumes rise or sink?

gas fumes rise. In general, a 'gas' will rise. But 'gasoline' fumes are heavier than air, so they sink. Of course they are 'fumes' so they will be easily circulated.

How do you test odor of fumes?

Gently wave the fumes towards your nose.

What to do if you are exposed to spider poison fumes?

Spiders do not produce poisonous fumes.

What are oil fumes in the crank case?

Oil fumes in the crankcase are common. Excessive oil fumes can be an indication of a broken or worn piston ring.

Can you get a rash from paint fumes I have itchy rash on legs arms stomach. I got new beds for my girls and we can smell oil-based paint fumes. Builder said it was safe for kids but concerned?

yes but im allergic to paint fumes, rash etc. nothing to worry about unless your children are struggling to breathe or something.

Why do you smell gas fumes?

i smell gas fumes in 96 Nissan quest

When lead nitrate is heated which colour fumes are evolved?

brown color fumes

How can you diffuse ammonia fumes from a broken ammonia bottle?

Diffusion occurs naturally, and technically they are not fumes. Fumes are the condensates of metals. Ammonia vapors are what you smell.

What has the author John Kerfoot Haywood written?

John Kerfoot Haywood has written: 'Lead arsenate' -- subject(s): Lead arsenate, Insecticides 'Mineral waters of the United States' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Mineral waters 'Injury to vegetation by smelter fumes' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Smelter fumes

Do sterno fumes cause eye irritation?

Sterno fumes can certainly cause eye irritation. The fumes can also cause irritation in the lungs after significant exposure.