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If the phone is from the same carrier then yes, it is very simple.

If you were to try and put, for example, a T-Mobile SIM into a Cingular phone or vice versa, you will need to "Unlock the phone" first.

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Q: Can you put the Sim card from your old mobile phone into your new one?
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How can you change your mobile phone number?

Get a new sim card.

How do you transfer phone numbers from virgin mobile phone to a new virgin mobile phone?

In your old Virgin phone - copy everything you want to keep (contacts, pictures etc) from the memory to the SIM card. Put the SIM card in the new phone, then copy everything from the SIM card to the new phone's memory. Once you've done that - replace the old SIM with the one that came with your new phone.

Why does skin sag?

Yes. When you get the new phone from T-Mobile, you just switch your sim card over to the new phone. Everything on your plan is atchtaed to your sim card.

What does it mean if your phone says SIM Disabled-What should you do?

buy a new Sim card or consult a local mobile phone store

How do you retrieve phone numbers when mobile phone will not turn on?

if you have a sim card in your phone you can just transfer it to your new phone. if not you may be out of luck

Should I sell my phone with the sim card in it if I've had everything switched to a new phone?

No, you should not sell your SIM card. You can sell your phone without SIM card. SIM card identifies you and your phone number registered with the mobile service provider. **Some one can misuse it. If you no longer need it, confirm that all the services linked with your SIM card and old phone number are deactivated and then destroy it. - Neeraj Sharma

Can you make any mobile phone a prepaid one?

Absolutely - it's as simple as inserting a new SIM card from the same company, or having the phone unlocked to accept a SIM card from any network.

Where can I get a new sim car for mobile phones?

It is not possible to get sim cards without contacting your old phone company. This is because the sim card must be synced by your company.

How do you get phone calls history of your mobile number when i get the new sim card on that same number?

The only way to get the phone call history of your mobile number when you get a new sim is by backing up the history on the internal memory of the phone. Even if the sim card has the same phone number, generally, the phone call history trail will be wiped out. Alternatively, phone call histories are recorded internally and can always be retrieved from the phone carrier website.

If you have a phone with a 2 year contract can you buy a new phone before your contract is up?

Yes, usually. Phones with SIM cards, from ATT, T-Mobile, etc., for example can be. If you have a phone with a SIM card, you can buy a new phone, and slip the card into the new phone, and off you go. Phones from Verizon, Nextel, Boost, etc... that don't have SIM cards, I'm not sure off.

What do you do if your phone say no sim?

Either buy a new sim card or contact your phone provider.

How do you know if your phone is unlocked?

Try a sim card from a different carrier. If the phone works with the new sim card, then it's unlocked.

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