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You can not use a sim card in another cell phone carriers phone. They can only be used for the same carrier.

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Q: Uscellular sim card in another phone?
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What does the SIM card do to a phone?

the sim card does the connection to your phone to another phone

Can a SIM card be transferred to another phone?

You can use a SIM card in any phone providing that phone supports the network assigned to the SIM card.

Will texting go to another phone if your sim card is in that phone?

Yes, that is usually the case with a SIM phone.

If a mobile phone is locked will the sim card still work in another mobile phone?

it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

How do you transfer a SIM card into another phone?

Open or push the sim card slot and gently slid it out

Can you use a phone from another country just by putting your SIM card in?

If the phone uses a compatible frequency band, then yes, you can use a phone from another country just by putting in your SIM card.

The definition of an ATT Sim Card and the usage of it for cell phones.?

A sim card is a chip in your phone that holds information as to your phones identity such as your phone number. A sim card can be transferred to another phone allowing you to have to same phone number as well as your contacts.

Can you put your gophone sim card in another phone that is not cingular?

Well, the sim card works just like any other sim card in a CINGULAR phone, but if you have the unlock codes to your other phone, I'm sure it will work.

Can you use another service provider sim card in your vodafone mobile connect card?

Only if your phone is sim free.

Can people take your sim card from a metro PCS and use it?

NO. The SIM card is NOT a normal SIM card, its only for that particular phone and for use on MetroPCS's LTE network it was activated with. If its taken out to be used in another phone, it deactivates, rendering the phone and card useless.

How do you switch your prepaid account to another phone?

swap out your sim card into the new phone.

Can you activate one phone and switch it for another phone?

Yes, you have to switch out the sim card.

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