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You can not use a sim card in another cell phone carriers phone. They can only be used for the same carrier.

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the sim card does the connection to your phone to another phone

You can use a SIM card in any phone providing that phone supports the network assigned to the SIM card.

The GPS tracker is in the phone, not the card. But when you use that sim card in another phone the identity of the sim card will give away the location of the new phone - which then can be tracked by its GPS.

Yes, that is usually the case with a SIM phone.

it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

most likely, expessially if its with the same company as your phone is. For example if you are a verison try to place your sim card with another verison phone.

Open or push the sim card slot and gently slid it out

you can switch the sim card and if it does not have a sim card look for a barttery the same kind and just swich it

If the phone uses a compatible frequency band, then yes, you can use a phone from another country just by putting in your SIM card.

A sim card is a chip in your phone that holds information as to your phones identity such as your phone number. A sim card can be transferred to another phone allowing you to have to same phone number as well as your contacts.

Well, the sim card works just like any other sim card in a CINGULAR phone, but if you have the unlock codes to your other phone, I'm sure it will work.

NO. The SIM card is NOT a normal SIM card, its only for that particular phone and for use on MetroPCS's LTE network it was activated with. If its taken out to be used in another phone, it deactivates, rendering the phone and card useless.

No. If your SIM card breaks, your phone won't work. However, if you replace your SIM card, your phone will work again.

swap out your sim card into the new phone.

Yes, you have to switch out the sim card.

Yes, you can if the sim card is compatible with your phone ( if the phone is for gsm sim card if your sim card is gsm your good). You just have to activate it prepaid on the website of the carrier of the sim card with the sim card 15 digit number.

No, the SIM card is where your personal info is stored like your number and info, you can put it in another phone and it will take the number on the sim card and use it.

The old SIM card will still be programmed with the original phone number. Either SIM will work in the phone - unless the old SIM is blocked by the network when they issued the new one.

Yes, a sim card is a memory card only used in cell phones. I f you were to use it in another carrier's phone, it might not work due to different companies, and how the phones work.

no actually not the phone companies its the sim card company

There are a couple of ways to know whether your phone uses a SIM card. 1. If you know who the service provider is for your phone, and it happens to be either AT&T, or T-Mobiles, then your phone does have a SIM card. 2. You could open the back of your phone and look carefully to see if you see a SIM card. If you do not see a SIM card, then gently remove the battery from it's compartment and look under the battery. If you see a SIM card, then your phone does use a SIM card.

T-Mobile is a unique company because all of the phones that are available for their network use SIM cards. A SIM card is similar to the size of memory card for your camera and essentially holds the memory for your phone. The SIM card is transferrable from one phone to another and holds all of your favorites, like phone numbers and email addresses. The great thing about a SIM card is that it can be taken out of one phone and will immediately load your information into another. Most cell phone companies do not offer this special option.

A phones sim card is a small card that holds information such as contact, programs and games that have been imputed into a phone. The sim card is not what connects the phone to the internet.

Try swapping the sim card. It works for me :)

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