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Q: Can you put the cart in front of the horse?
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Can a horse pull more or push more in a harness?

does a horse pull a cart with the harness, or does a horse push the cart with harness from the front

The phrase Don't put the cart before the horse is an example of?

The phrase 'don't put the cart before the horse' is an example of an idiomatic expression.

Where do you put a cart before a horse?

In the dictionary

What is The phrase Don't put the cart before the horse is an example of?

The phrase, "Don't put the cart before the horse," is an idiom. It means do not do things in the wrong sequence or order.

What does horse drawn cart?

A horse drawn cart is a cart that is moved by a horse. Hence the horse drawn cart title.

What is Aristole's horse cart theory?

Aristotle's Horse Cart theory was that when a horse pulls on a cart, the cart moves. When a horse stops moving, the cart will stop as well.

If action is always equal to reaction then how can a horse pull a cart?

I don't think you understand that Newton law: It is "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." How a horse pulls a cart is based on what that cart has on it that reduces friction. Friction is the reaction that is created when an object is pulled (which is an action). Reducing friction by the addition of wheels on that cart makes it easier for that horse to pull that cart that may be loaded down with things that may weigh more than the horse itself. But, regardless of the reduction of friction, the force put on the cart by the horse is counteracted by the force put on by the cart that is stationary.

What does cart-horse mean?

A cart-horse simply is a horse/pony that has been trained to pull a cart.

What is a horse drawn cart?

A horse drawn cart is a cart (Carriage) that is pulled by a horse. Commonly used by the Amish.

Don't put the cart before the horse is what kind of figure of speech?


What is the meaning of the proverb don't put the cart before the horse?

do things in order

When a horse pulls on a cart the cart pulls on the horse with an equal but opposite force how is the horse able to pull the cart?

It uses force to get the cart moving, or to generate acceleration.

Do horses pull carraiges or push from the front?

A horse obviously cannot grasp a towing conveyance, so in order to move an object it needs the assistance of a horse harness. In the case of the harness, the horse pushes forward to move the cart, however basic physics define this as pulling the cart. Yes, the horse is pushing forward, but it is pushing the harness, NOT the cart. The cart is being PULLED by the harness with the horse providing the energy to move the cart. Some mistakenly believe this means the horse pushes the cart, but they are mistaken. With the weight of the cart (mass) being moved forward (force) from behind the energy source (horse), by definition the cart is being PULLED, regardless of the horse's type of energy exerted on the connecting harness.

How do you put front boots on a horse?


When horse pulls a cart the action is on the?

When horse pulls a cart the action is on the... sharts Cut Answer

Why the horse-cart and charits have their eyes shaded or covered on the sides?

do you mean blinkers? if so its so the horse won't spook at the cart behind them or anything to the side. they can there fore only see directly in front of them. if they didn't have the blinkers and did spook the cart could tip.

What horse is called the English cart horse?

Before the registry name changed, the Shire Horse Society was the English Cart Horse Society. So I'm guessing English cart horse is an old name for the Shire Horse.

When were horse and cart inveted?

Horse and Cart has been mentioned as far back as the the 1800's

How fast can a horse go with a cart?

Depends on what breed of horse, its level of fitness, and how heavy the cart is.

When does a cart come before a horse?

Its a joke. Question: When does a cart come before a horse? Answer: In a dictionary.

How many forces are exerted on the horse cart system and what is the net force on the horse cart system?

There are three forces that are exerted on the horse cart system. They are: weight, pull, and friction.

How does a horse drawn carriage work?

The horse is placed between the shafts of the cart and attached to them by means of a horse collar. The horse then pulls the cart along.

How did the poor Victorian people travel?

by horse and cart

Is technology the horse or the cart?

cart, technology cant be living

When the horse pulls a cart and the cart pulls back on the horse what is the reaction?

This is an example of Newton's law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore the reaction is the cart pulling back on the horse.