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Yes, you can turbo anything.

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What are the release dates for Roadfly TV - 2005 2010 LAIAS 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 5-83?

Roadfly TV - 2005 2010 LAIAS 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 5-83 was released on: USA: 19 November 2010

Can you put a turbo on a 83 non turbo 944?

No is the easiest answer. As well as the turbo you would have to uprate the con rods, crank shaft, ECU, fuel pump, fuel lines injectors, fuel rail etc etc etc. it would be easier to drop a turbo engine in and uprate the suspension. I think you might also need to look at the diff too. Maybe just sell you 944 n/a and buy a turbo. Yes upgrading to a turbo from an n/a will cost you more than selling the n/a and buying a turbo. The gearing in the transmission needs to be changed, the ring and pinion gear also need to be changed (the n/a had a much weaker ring and pinion) The turbo also had a transmission cooler.

How do you put games on the TI-83?


What size transmission goes into a 83 cutlass supreme?

probably a BOP turbo 350 tranny.

How do you put 83.8 as a mixed number?

83.8 = 83 8/10 = 83 4/5

How do you get past the panhandler's paradise?

Just put 83

What percent of Americans put up Christmas lights?


How do you put a subscript into a TI-83 calculator?


What is 83 percent of 813?

You put 83 over 100, the percent you want to know, then you put 813 across from it on the bottom, with a line over it and a blank over 813. Then you cross multiply and then divide. So you multiply 83 times 813 and divide by 100 and that is your answer.

Where is the eec power relay located on a 83 ford turbo coupe?

It is located behind the passenger side front kick panel above the ecu

Did the 1980 280zx offer a turbo engine?

No, not in 1980. Nissan first offered a factory turbo as an option on the 280ZX in 1981. It was available that year only with an automatic and a 2 passenger car. In 1982-83 the turbo could be purchased with 5-speed manual, auto, and in either 2 or 4 passenger versions. The L28 turbo engine can be installed in the older model Z-cars though.

Where is fuel pump relay on 83 Porsche 944?

The fuel pump is located at the fuel tank. To access it you need to remove a metal cover containing the fuel tank and pump.

Why do some 83 Datsun 280zs have a more futuristic display and some have the good old needle on the speedometer?

some could have aftermarket and some are turbo models

How do you put 83 millimeters into centimeters?

1 centimeter = 10 millimeters83 millimeters x 1 centimeter/10 millimeter= 8.3 centimeters

How many atomic mass does krypton have?

Krypton is a non metal element. Atomic mass of it is 83.

In friends what did Rachael help put on a 83 year old woman?


How do you put a 350 in a Toyota pickup?

Slowly and carefully with a good understanding of a tape measure. I have an 83 Toyota with a 350/turbo 350 combo that will hurt a camaro and still get 20 mpg.Please go slow and measure measure measure.Speedway has a greta aluminum rad that fits the frame nice.

How do you put 8 times 8 into an exponent?

You go 1+57-83÷41x95 and then you have the answer. : )

How do you get past the moocher in no-mean city in absurd math?

Just put 83

What is 83 percent of 17?

14.11 To solve this, simply put 17/0.83 in a calculator ^^

What percentage is 83 out of 100?

83 out of 100 is the same as 83%

What are factors of -83?

1, -1, 83, -83

What numbers do you need to get the mean of 83?

There is an infinite number of possible answers. If you have 83, 83, 83, etc. the mean is 83. If you have 82, 83, and 84, the mean is 83.

What is 83 percent of 240?

83% as expressed as a decimal is .83 since 83% = 83/100 = .83 Multiply the decimal by the number in question to get your answer. .83 * 240 = 199.2

What color is the wires on the maf sensor and how many is it on a 83' 280zx turbo?

The maf sensor is one of those cases that has got key distinction that is going to involve trained tending to on

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