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That will depend entirely on the zoning ordinances in your sub-division and community. The permit office of the local governing body should be able to tell you with a phone call what requirements have to be met to do so.

For example, there may be lenient provisions for temporary installations, or you may be required to have an approved sewage disposal system (city or septic), there may be limitations on whether an occupied dwelling is even permitted on the property (e.g., industrial zone), and if so, where on the property it may be positioned (setbacks), and so forth.

Ans 2 - Assuming the local authority approves the installation, there are still many expensive decisions to make. You will need a water supply (possibly even a well) an electricity supply and almost certainly a septic tank and field. Those three items alone can easily exceed $40,000-

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Q: Can you put up a mobile home on your property?
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How to put sand under a mobile home?

Well, first you lift up the mobile home. Then, you put the sand under it.

If a person is purchasing a mobile home is it legally to move and set up mobile home on property before mobile home is financed?

if the mobile has not been paid for (financed) you don't own it. Therefore you cannot move it.

How do you gain ownership of a mobile home on my property?

To get mobile home loan you have to satisfy certain standards set up by the 1976 HUD code.For mobile home financing you can take mortgage loan to buy both the land and the mobile home or to buy either the home or the land.

Are there any Mobile Home Grants available in the US?

There is a mobile home grant program which provides up to $5000 to home owners who need to make repairs to their mobile home. This grant is specifically for those home owners who do not own the property on which their home sits. Full details and eligibility requirements can be found at

Where can one purchase a used mobile home?

the best place to look for a mobile home would be in your local paper or to contact your local realtor. Doing this will keep you up to date on the newest mobile homes put on the market and to schedule a showing.

Can you put a fence up around your mobile home due to your son being autistic?

That depends on the park management.

Where can you find out who owns title to a mobile home?

You can look it up in county records, usually parcel site or county property tax site.

Can a neighbor put a camera to spy on you and your property?

it is not illegal to put up a home surveillance system to protect your property, however it is illegal to knowingly know that the camera is specifically put up to spy on your neighbor, but this will not hold up in court unless you can prove they done to spy on you. good luck

Who do you get to set up mobile homes?

Most mobile home manufacturers will suplly you with a list of reputable set up contractors. Don't make the mistake of hiring just anybody, get referrals. You can also find referrals by going to mobile home park offices. Most mobile home dealers will deliver and set up the mobile home. Connecting of utilities is not included by most dealers.

What is the seller when he sells his home an offeror or offeree?

The seller is the offeree. In all real estate cases, the seller will list or "put up for sale" their home or property. A buyer will then submit an offer to purchase that property making them, the offeror.

Will the fire department come out an paint your fire lanes in a mobil home community?

You can ask them, and they may do it as a public service, but they are not required to do so. If the mobile home community is completely private property it is up to the property owner, or management, to paint the appropriate traffic markings on their PRIVATE streets.

If there is a exclusive easement can the non property owner put up a fence?

If the easement is exclusive, then the non property owner can put up a fence. However, it can only be done with the permission of the property owner.

We live in a nice mobile home park/pay rent 4 property. there are several cats in the area that get into the vents under our home and and leave sent. we set up traps but have not caught any yet.. what can we do to get rid of them.?

Please contact your local ASPCA to humanely remove the cats from your property.

How much will your insurance go up if you put in a wood stove in a new addition you added to your mobile home?

Chances are if you tell your agent,your policy will be cancelled.

Can you get cable set up in a mobile home or do you have to have satellite?

Many people have cable service into mobile homes.

How do you find out if someone owns a mobile home?

Ask them. there isn't a registry for this. Either that or look up their address and see if it is within a mobile home park.

Can you travel with the blinds down in a rv mobile home?

Yes, you can travel with the blinds down in an RV mobile home. If you'd rather have them up, you can do that too.

How does a mobile home get vibration from underneath structure?

If a mobile home is not set up correctly, it will vibrate. Some people choose to underpin the home with brick, or soil to reduce noise and vibration.

Does owning a mobile home count as first time home owner?

Yes purchasing a Mobile Home counts under 1st time Home buyer. Credit is 10% of purchase price up to $80,000.

Is T Mobile Home required when signing up with T Mobile?

No. However, you will need an existing account with T-Mobile to use the @Home service. The @Home service enables you to make calls over your internet connection instead of a land line.

What is the standard rules for setting up a shed in mobile home park?

There are no standard rules. It's entirely dependent on what the park ownership and local authorities permit. In my park, well built sheds up to 8x10 are allowed at the back of the property.

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Is it a crime to tear up your parents home that you live in?

As in "their property", but not yours to tear up?

Parents supposely gave me land I bought mobile home put on it 4 years later they made me move cost me almost 35000.00 in total to buy more land get it set up and move the home can i sue them for this?

When they "gave" you the land did they give you the deed to it? If you don't have a deed to the property with your name on it, it was never yours. It would seem you don't have the "grounds" to sue, so to speak.

Can your landord put up a home for sale sign without your consent?

It is his property. I doubt the lease has any restriction that would prevent it. He does not have to renew your agreement and he could actually sell the home subject to your current lease.