Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Can you put up a mobile home on your property?

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2012-09-03 20:11:41

That will depend entirely on the zoning ordinances in your

sub-division and community. The permit office of the local

governing body should be able to tell you with a phone call what

requirements have to be met to do so.

For example, there may be lenient provisions for temporary

installations, or you may be required to have an approved sewage

disposal system (city or septic), there may be limitations on

whether an occupied dwelling is even permitted on the property

(e.g., industrial zone), and if so, where on the property it may be

positioned (setbacks), and so forth.

Ans 2 - Assuming the local authority approves the

installation, there are still many expensive decisions to make. You

will need a water supply (possibly even a well) an electricity

supply and almost certainly a septic tank and field. Those three

items alone can easily exceed $40,000-

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