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Is he a dependant? Do you contribute to the cost of his housing, meals, medical? If not, you cannot claim him as a dependant and attempting to do so could get the IRS after you.

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How do you get a divorce from your spouse if said spouse is in prison but you do not know which prison or how to get in contact with him even if you knew which prison he was in?

phone any prison, they can put you in touch with the department that locates prisoners .

Can the IRS put a lien on your home if your spouse owe and is on the deen only?

The IRS can put a lien on your home for past due child support and they will even charge interest.

Is it illegal to put a note in my neighbors mailbox?

technically yes but i dont think you will get incarcerated for it

What is similar in meaning to the word incarcerated?

Imprisoned Detained Locked up Put into jail

Can you put your dog on your taxes?

no you cant put your dogs on your taxes. they dont have a social security number.

Did Shi Huangdi put taxes on people?

Plenty. He put taxes for everything. He even forced nomads to settle down so that he could tax them. He used these taxes on expeditions such as finding the elixir of life that was believed to give immortality. Secondly he used these taxes to do a whole tour of his empire, that included 1thousand men and guards. (sigh) if only I was a king.

Should we support our spouse and put them first before family even when they are openly inconsiderate unreasonable and irrational and talking and counseling with them doesn't work?

no always put family first no matter what

What is the role of corrections in the criminal justice system?

I think the answer is to punish the criminal or provide punishment to the person who is incarcerated. It starts from the time you leave trial and is incarcerated til you either get out or put to death by the death penalty.

Did the king lower taxes on tea?

No he put the taxes on tea.~Miss Anonymous

If one spouse has an unpaid tax lien on their credit can the home loan be put in the name of the other spouse with no problems?


What are differed taxes?

I think you mean "deferred taxes." These are taxes that do not have to be paid immediately but can be put off to a future time.

What did the British put taxes on?


American colonist protested against british taxes because?

The taxes were high and unfair and some of them were even meant to harm the colonists. They put heavy taxes on almost everything in the colonies to help pay off their French and Indian War debt. High taxes was one of the many causes of the Revolutionary War.

Is it against the law to be put in jail with injuries?

No, but you will be afforded access to medical examination, facilities and care while incarcerated.

What is the best thing to do to turn your spouse on?

you put your penis in her vagina or put his penis in yoour vagina

Can you cosign for a spouse?

Yes, IF you are confident the spouse will pay. Why not just put the loan in your name??? DONT use credit unless you can afford it.

Who put taxes on sugar?

British Parliment .

What did the sugar act put taxes on?


Do you have to file taxes on 4000 from unemployment?

Answer is YES! If you have taxes withheld from the UIB amount you still have to put the amount on your 1040 and add the withheld taxes to other withheld taxes.

Can one put a civil law suit on a spouse?

If your spouse committed are crime or was involved in a disagreement then yes any one can file a suit against your spouse. If you spouse and done nothing wrong the suit will most likely be thrown out by a judge.

If you and your spouse cosign a preapproved car loan from a bank and you are the primary can you alone go purchase the car at the dealer and put it in both names or must your spouse go with you too?

Your spouse needs to be present.

If one spouse buys a house and the other spouse isn't on the deed are they entitled to half in a divorce?

No, the house is in the name of the one spouse. Which is why you MUST make sure you put both names on a deed.

If you dont pay state taxes what do you put in the state box when im filing online?

Nothing, or zero just so it knows you addressed it. (Several states don't have income taxes and many people don't have to pay them even in States that do).

Do you pay taxes on 401k?

Generally, your contributions aren't taxed (put in before taxes), and your withdrawals are taxed.

What taxes were put in place to finance the Civil War?

=== ===

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