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Q: If one spouse has an unpaid tax lien on their credit can the home loan be put in the name of the other spouse with no problems?
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If a medical bill is unpaid will it affect your personal credit?

An unpaid medical bill is like any other debt. It can be reported to a credit agency like any other debt.

Does wife credit card affect husband?

If a spouse has a credit card in their own name & the other spouse isn't listed on it, bad credit won't affect the second spouse. But, if you both apply for a loan or other credit - the credit bureau will check both parties credit reports.

If your spouse has a judgment against them can it also be filed in the other spouse's credit report?

If the judgment names only one spouse as the judgment debtor it will not be entered on the non judgment spouse's credit report.

How long do unpaid medical bills stay on your credit report?

Like other late payments reported to a credit reporting agency, an unpaid medical bill may stay on a credit report for up to seven years.

Does filing a prenuptial agreement keep one spouse's bad credit from attaching to the other spouse?

A prenuptial agreement does not have any bearing on whether credit will be affected.

In Texas is a spouse responsible for credit card debt that is solely incurred by the other spouse under a credit card which was issued prior to the marriage?


Is a spouse responsible for the credit card debts in the other spouse's name in New Jersey?

If the two of you are married, I believe you are responsible.

is a spouse responsible for debts of the other spouse in Virginia?

Not unless both parties signed the credit agreement etc.

If you file bankruptcy then get married does your spouse get bad credit too?

No, your credit works independently of each other. Most couples share bad credit because they share the liability for the credit accounts. Thus, when they fall behind on payments both their credit is affected. In the case where credit was obtained independently of each other, the bad credit will not carry over to the other upon marriage unless the spouse agrees to becomes a co-signer and agrees to become legally obligated for the debt.

In Ohio is the spouse responsible for the other spouse credit card debt?

credit card debt is reserved to all the names that were used when the credit card was applied for so even in divorce situations where the judge has split the debt it is not legally removed from you if your name was on the account

Is a spouse responsible for credit card debts in the other spouse's name?

Only if the married couple reside in a community property state or the spouse is a joint account holder. An "authorized user" is not considered an account holder and is not legally responsible for debt incurred on a credit card account.

How long does it take an unpaid bill to come off your credit?

Charge offs and most other defaulted debts are expunged (or should be) from a credit report seven years after the DLA.

When a married person co-signs for someone else what effect does it have on the other spouse's credit?


Is a wife who is not a joint account holder responsible for her husband's credit card debt in Illinois?

Illinois is not a community property state, therefore a spouse who is not a joint account holder is not responsible for the credit card debt of the other spouse.

In Florida is a spouse responsible for credit card debt that is solely incurred by the other spouse?

No. Florida like several other states treat marital debts as being separate when they are not jointly incurred.

Can a spouse take a home equity line without the other spouse?

Depends who's name is on the mortgage. If both names are on, then you would need both spouse's to take out a home equity line of credit.

Should you get a joint car loan if one spouse has better credit?

It depends on how bad the credit of the other spouse is. If their credit isn't at least decent, getting a joint loan will be based upon the FICO scores of both parties. You won't get to choose the higher score in order to get a good rate. So, it would be best to get separate financing until the spouse with the poor score improves their credit.

Can a spouse blackmail the other spouse?

is it illegal for a spouse to blackmail the other spouse

Can a spouse get paid if they need to take work off to care for injured person who is rec'ing workers comp?

The spouse can only be paid if they have vacation or other paid time off granted by their employer. Otherwise, the spouse is only entitled to 12 unpaid weeks of time off under the FMLA.

Is surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt in North Carolina if she was not on the account when the other spouse died?

In North Carolina the estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. Indirectly, the spouse is going to pay the debts, either by a smaller inheritance or as a beneficiary of the goods and services purchased by the spouse.

Can a spouse put a credit card in both your names without your permission?

In most cases a card holding spouse can add the other as an "authorized user" without permission, however those types of cards are not liable for repayment of the balance, even on transactions preformed on their card. It is not legal for one spouse to add the other on any credit applications has a "co-signer" without that persons permission. However, the liability would not be in the hands of the credit card company, since if you are listed as a "co-signed" and claim you did not agree, sign-up or give you spouse permission, you risk your spouse being turned over to the States Attorneys office for consideration of Credit Card and Identify Fraud.

How do you remove an unpaid judgment more than 7 years old from your credit report?

first you can try to contact the credit bureu equifax or the other ones, or go online to he may have the complete answers.

When you get married does your credit reflect on your spouse?

To answer your question: No, the credit of one spouse will not effect the credit of the other in any way. The only time the credit of one spouse will effect that of the other is when both open a joint loan, or joint credit account, in which case those specific accounts will be reported to both of your credit histories. That's it! :o) Hope this answers your question. the last answer is correct. I would just like to add that as a stay at home mother with a husband with bad credit, I am severly affected. His bad credit is 6-10 years old, my credit is immaculate. We can not get a car or a house on credit, we have to pay cash for everything. we can not use my "perfect" credit because I do not work. We can not get approved jointly, and he can not get approved alone because of his horrible credit(even though he makes more than 100,000 a year). If you marry into bad credit it does not affect your score, but it may affect your life.

In Missouri is the spouse responsible for credit card debt when the other one dies?

If the surviving spouse was not an account holder then he or she is not responsible for repayment of the debt. FYI, authorized users are likewise not legally responsible for credit card debt as it is assumed the AU has no control over how the account is handled.

Can a wife open account in husband's name without his approval?

This answer will vary from state to state because of the penal systems but here is a stock answer. In order to apply for credit the person whose name appears as the account holder whether it is a credit card, car loan, personal loan or even a bank account that person must sign the credit application accepting the terms and in most cases swearing that the information given is true and accurate as well as authorizing the creditor to do a credit investigation. For a spouse to open an account without the other spouses knowlege or consent is a crime similar in character to that of identity theft or credit card fraud because they would have to fraudulently sign the other spouses name to the application. This is most common abuse is on credit card applications because the persons receiving the information from the applicant is not in front of them and they have no idea if the person whose name appears signed it or not. If your spouse did indeed sign your name to a credit application for the purpose of defrauding the credit card company that is a felony and in some states could have other related charges attached. If your spouse or ex-spouse did this you should contact the credit card company immediatly and request them to send a copy of the completed and signed credit application and inform them that you did not sign the application. Hope that was helpful. Ah, there is an exception to that if the spouse has a power of attorney over the financial affairs of the other spouse or parent which authorizes them to solicit credit on their behalf.