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You can quit anytime. It's enrolling that's a problem.

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i know you can quit anytime but i think that you should whait at least a year if anything.... but that ia just me anyway like i was sayin i only think you should quit if you have been with them a year or even more... but when you whant to quit because you are moving i think you made a bad desition because they screw up all the info you already took the time to fill out and everything well guess what happens the stupid people loose them im tellin ya stupid people these days so quit after one yesr at least....hope i helped?????

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Q: Can you quit an employer provided group health plan anytime or can you only quit during the open enrollment period?
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Yes you can select whatever coverage you want through your employer. However, your enrollment is through your employer and they usually only allow you to make changes to your coverage during open enrollement (the beginning of the year most commonly).

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What is a qualifying event to drop medical insurance through your employer?

Usually divorce (to drop the other party) or marriage. Otherwise you may have to wait until open enrollment to drop. If you want to add yourself to your spouse or partner's coverage check first but you may be able to do that when you drop rather than have to do it during his or her open enrollment period. Again, check first before you do anything.

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