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THE QUESTION ISN'T VERY CLEAR, AND INCLUDES CONTRADICTIONS. If you work 40 hours for an employer, it must pay you for those hours. If you have a 50% disability, you might or might not have restrictions on working: millions of profoundly disabled folks work full-time. Since "50% disabled" folk can work as much as they can tolerate, nothing says such a person could not work overtime for Employer A, or work 40 hours for Employer A, plus part-time or full-time for Employer B. So no program will pay "extra money" to a disabled person based on your scenario. Of course, VA disability continues to pay a disabled vet who works, and workers comp pays for a perm partial disability even if one works. But that has nothing to do with NOT working a second job.

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Q: Can you receive extra money if you work 40 hours but have a 50 permanent injury for life and cannot get a 2nd job because of the disability?
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Do you have to pay unemployment back if you receive disability?

You cannot get disability if you are on an unemployment benefit...

Can you receive both unemployment and disability if you lost your job because of your injury?

YOu cannot receive unemployment benefits at all unless you are available for work and actively seeking work. So, if you are DISABLED, you are not fit for work, and are disqualified from UI benefits.

Can I qualify for social security disability?

In order to receive those benefits, you must first have worked in a job that covered social security. Then by disability is also not meant partial or short term disability, so it depends how severe your injuries are. Further you must be in a state that you cannot do the work you did before and you also cannot do other work because of your medical condition and your disability is a long term one. It has lasted or is expected to last at least a year.

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Can you play golf if you have a ppd from workmens comp?

With workmen's compensation PPD is permanent partial disability. There is no law that says you cannot play golf if you have it.

Do Georgia employers pay into the social security disability for employees who have been injured out of the work place and will be off of work for 60-90 days?

Social Security Disability requires that you be disabled for a year and that it be a permanent disability and that you cannot do ANY job in the American Economy.

Can you work while drawing a disability check?

Probably not, because you are receiving the disability benefit BECAUSE you cannot work. If your state has different rules it's best to confer with them as to exceptions.

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The disability benefits are paid when it is ascertained that there can be no possibility of the life assured earning a livelihood ie. the life assured is totally incapicitated due to his illness so he is compensatedwith the disability benefits with or without waiver of further premiums depending upon the type of the insurance contract. The income of the insured is the one of the essentials in deciding the sum to be insured in an insurance policy . Disability benefit is given when the insured is incapacitated that he cannot earn anymore. Therefore there will not be any life insurance policies that will be issued after a permanent disability as the life becomes sub-standard. Alternatively the premiums might be prohibitively high.

Can disability benefits be garnished?

Disability benefits cannot be garnished. No sort of social service money can be subject to a garnishment because it is meant to help the recipient.

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can my wife receive alimony if i was not working when we were together?

Your wife can sue for alimony based upon her desire for supplemental income. However, if you were not working and she brought in all income, the suit will not win. If you cannot work and have disability income, then you need to contact an attorney so that your disability income is not garnished.

How can you prove to Social Security your disabilty if your medical records are old like from the 1960s and cannot not be located or have probably been destroyed?

The SSA will be the one that you will have to deal with to make your claim for disability and prove to the SSA that you meet the requirements for you to be able to receive the social security disability insurance payment amount. Go to the SSA gov website and choose DISABILITY at the top of the page or use use the search box for DISABILITY

In what states can your disability check be garnished?

can the state of maryland garnish my government disability check for back taxes owed the state of maryland ?no they cannot, disability or social security cannot be garnished, Except for child support and Federal TAXES.

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What is the percentage of Social Security Disability income a collections agency can take in Kansas?

Social Security Disability cannot be garnished.

The father has custody and received a letter stating that the mother is not required to pay child support any longer since she became mentally disabled. Why?

This could be because she is receiving disability pay and is not working because of her condition. Courts cannot attach judgments to disability pay, and so that is why you received the letter. If the situation changes and she eventually is back at work, the payments can start again--but there will not be any back pay for you to receive, since it stops now.

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First of all, if you are still on active duty, you do not get disability. Disability is compensation because you cannot earn a living. You earn a living while on active duty. Therefore, the military does not give you disability rating. It is the VA's responsibility to determine your service related injuries once you separate or retire from active duty.

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