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Transfer Recorded Show From DVR to DVD,

Most likely not, until you connect the output of the DVR to the input of the DVD. Then with copy protections, you may still not get a recording. Depends on the movie or program you recorded, and whether or not copy prevention signals have been inserted in the original program, or are being placed there by the program provider.

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Q: Can you record a show saved on DVR onto a DVD if you have a DVD recorder connected to the same television?
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Can you record a show saved on DVR onto a video tape if you have a VCR connected to the same TV?

Yes it could be done just like recording from TV try it and if it doesn't work leave feed back.

Record to DVD from Comcast?

If you have an external DVD component recorder and a Comcast DVR, just plug the output from the DVR into the input of the recorder. Then you can record your "My Recordings". Start the DVD recorder, then start the saved event. But you will have to leave it unattended, start it when you are not going to watch for the length of the saved event. If you want to record live, it should work the same, but I have not tried it. Just remember that the DVD recorder will record whatever is playing on the screen, so if you change channels or watch a different recording it will record whatever is playing.

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