Record to DVD from Comcast

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If you have an external DVD component recorder and a Comcast DVR, just plug the output from the DVR into the input of the recorder. Then you can record your "My Recordings". Start the DVD recorder, then start the saved event. But you will have to leave it unattended, start it when you are not going to watch for the length of the saved event. If you want to record live, it should work the same, but I have not tried it. Just remember that the DVD recorder will record whatever is playing on the screen, so if you change channels or watch a different recording it will record whatever is playing.

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Q: Record to DVD from Comcast
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Sylvania TV DVD combo what is the code for a comcast remote?


How do you record from tv to DVD?

To record from TV to a DVD you will need a DVD player with the record option that is connected to your TV. You will also need DVDs that are designed for recording and are labeled DVD-R or DVD-RW. Just put the program you would like to record on the television, add the DVD to the DVD recorder, and then press record.

Can a DVD player record a video?

No, a DVD player cannot record a video: however a DVD recorder can.

What is a DVD rewriter?

A DVD rewriter is a device that allows you to record on a DVD and erase it to record something else. It is a DVD player as well as a DVD burner.

How do you program a Phillips DVD player with a comcast remote?

You can't. You must use the Phillips DVD player remote.

Will this also record DVDs for me?

The Haier TV does not record the DVD through the TV, however it will play recorded DVD when it comes to Record DVD;s.

Can you re-record in an already recorded DVD?

If it is a DVD-RW you can blank it and re-record on it. If it is a DVD-R, its contents are fixed forever.

Which DVD/VCR combo players can record DVDs?

Any of the players that say DVD-RW can record DVD's, but you will pay more for it.

How does a DVD writer work with regular DVDs?

You have to have writable DVD's in order to be able to record on to them; there is no way to get around that aspect of it. Regular DVD's play or allow access to what is stored on them; a write can record to a DVD-RW but can not record or store to a regular DVD.

Does it cost money to record a tv show with comcast?

Of course not. Why would it cost money to record something?

How many times can you record over a DVD-R?

you cant the in dvd-r means record you can only add to the file or dvd-r

Can I record to a DVD from this player or just to the VCR?

You can record from DVD's to VCR's, but only on some players. Toshiba makes a DVD to VCR recorder.

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