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yes you can some companys can record one show and watch another

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Q: Can you record with a DVR if you have just basic cable?
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How do I record my PS3 gameplay with my cable DVR?

No, you need a signal to record on your DVR and the PS3 plugs into the TV or HDTV and not the Cable DVR. If your cable DVR is like mine it only has outputs for the signal and no inputs except the cable.

Can you buy a DVR at a retail store and just use it to record basic cable as you would have a VCR?

You should be able to do that. Try brands like Panasonic, Sony, etc.

Can you record dish with your cable dvr?

No, but if you have Dish you may qualify for a upgrade for a Dish DVR.

How do I record a cable TV program?

You can record a cable TV program with a DVR box. DVR boxes are an additional feature and service with the cable company which allows you to schedule recording for programs at various times.

Convert a direct tv box to cable?

i have a direct tv samsung dvr 2 channel, i want to hook it up to my basic cable. i dont have a cable box just a coax cord. all i want to do is record my programs. please help will

How do you record on a Panasonic viera tv?

A person can record on a Panasaonic Viera TV by connecting a DVR through their cable box. A DVR recorder upgrade can be obtained by the local cable company.

What is considered a good cable dvr?

Cable DVR is a program that is used to record cable television shows to be watched later. The ones that are considered the best allow the user to record multiple shows at the same time and record one show while watching another show.

How do you connect wii to cable dvr .I have comcast cable service and a dvr player?

Generally, you can't connect the output of a games console to a cable or satellite DVR. The DVRs normally don't have a video input and are built to record content only from the the broadcaster.

How does a digital video recorder work with basic cable?

A DVR must be hooked to a cable television service to work. If your basic cable is digital, it will work. If it's analog, it won't. Itworks by recording only the digital signal from your cable.

Can you just buy a dvr and record what you want to watch?


If you don't have cable TV or satellite TV just network tv using bunny ears antenna can you use a DVR to record shows for eg on PBS?

Try hooking up the bunny ears terminal to the DVR and then the DVR to where the bunny ears connect to at the tv. Set your tv to channel three or four for reception. If you get reception, you should be able to record.

What can you do to keep chuck on season 3?

If you are talking about the tv show Chuck, you could buy a dvr such a stivo and record it on their. Or if you have comcast cable, you can upgrade your plan to include dvr.

How do you set it up to record on video?

Connect the output of the signal source (TV antenna, cable box, etc) to the input on the DVR and connect the output from the DVR to your television.

How can I record series on my Charter Motorola DVR?

How do I record a series on my Charter Motorola DVR

Does it cost extra to use my own DVR with cable?

It would not cost extra to use your own DVR with cable from a cable company. However, you would need to make sure you are using a different DVR than what your cable company provides when you order DVR through them. As many times it is common their will be a code to input in order to use the DVR feature, this is the main reason for the need of having a different DVR.

How do you get dvr on Time Warner cable?

To get DVR with Time Warner Cable, you need to call your local Time Warner Cable business and let them know you what to add DVR to your plan. You may have to switch cable boxes though, which means a someone will have to visit your home, or wherever you have cable, and switch the boxes for you.

Will a DirecTV DVR work on any cable tv?

no why would it it records direct TV channels not cable channels you can get a Comcast cable DVR for only $10 a month

How do you use a dvr?

Connect its input to the output of a cable box and DVR's output to your television. If you don't have a cable / satellite set-top box, and your DVR has a built-in TV tuner, connect its input to a coax cable from your wall (raw cable feed) or a TV antenna (over the air reception), and DVR's output to your television, then scan for available channels. You should be able to watch TV through the DVR and record TV shows onto it.

How would I get movies off my DVR onto my computer?

You will need to pruchase an cable that connects your DVR to your computer. Most likely it is an USB cable.

What companies provide direct tv HD dvr?

There are several companies that provide direct TV, with HD and DVR. DirectTVPlus HD DVR offers a service where you can record, watch, and delete shows in any room, with just one HD DVR.

If my cctv dvr was unplugged will the sameras still record?

No. The cameras only send an image to the DVR, they don't record on their own.

What can you do with a DVR?

Here are a few things you can do with most DVRs: * Record movies and television shows from your cable service. * Pause or fast-forward live TV. * Use the Internet to schedule your DVR to record your favorite television show. This may require the download of additional software onto your PC and/or require you to add your DVR to your home network. * Search your cable listings by actor, time or even director. * Download and share digital photos and music from your computer and DVR. This may require the download of additional software onto your PC and/or require you to add your DVR to your home network.

Where can you buy a DVR recorder?

A DVR recorder can be bought from an electronics store such as Best Buy or can be acquired from a cable provider with your cable package for a small fee.

Is TiVo a type of dvr recorder?

Basically, yes, TiVo is a type of DVr recorder. It allows you to record shows while you are not home or simply watching another channel on the same set; just as a dvr recorder.

Can you record a show and watch a different show on the same dvr?

Yes and no. You can record one show on the DVR and watch a different one on your TV, but you can only do what you ask if you have a DVR with dual tuners.