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Chevy Caprice Classic

Can you refill AC system on 91 Chevy Caprice Wgn?


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You can, i have a 1992 Chevy caprice classic. And the problem is that the system uses R12 freon which was discontinued by the EPA in the late 90's because it destroys the ozone layer when it leeks out. You can pay a fortune on eBay and get some old re fill cans. I used this stuff called freeze 12. it works with the existing r12 freon, you just have to purchase an adapter and a single refill (recharge) kit from there website. You screw the new top on top of the low pressure ac line (low pressure is always the smaller port on the line). Then connect the can and add the amount required. This varies by car but just watch the gauge on the freeze12 can top and you will be fine.