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Registering a Copyright OnlineYes, you can. Go to this website: which is the Electronic Copyright Office.
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Q: Can you register a copyright online?
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How do you copyright a brand name?

Although it is not eligible for copyright protection, you will probably want to register it as a trademark. In the US, this can be done online at the link below.

Where do you register for a copyright?

Your country's copyright office.

Where should i go to find the PA form to copyright my song online?

All forms are available from the Copyright Office website; you may also register online through their eCopyright system.

How much is a copyright for software currently?

In the US, copyright registration is currently $35 if you register online and $50 if you register by filing paper forms. See the link in the Related Links section for more details. Technically you're not required to register in order to obtain copyright, but registration is required to bring an infringement suit. If you want to be able to enforce your rights in court, you should register.

How do you register or get a copyright?

Copyright protection is automatic; registration is not required.

Do you have to register a copyright?


Where do you apply for a copyright?

In most countries formal copyright is not required for an original work. However if you want the additional protection of official registration you need to consult to\he copyright office in your area. In the United States you can register a copyright online at

What do you need to do in order to register copyright of your current and future photographs and how much will it cost in the USA?

Copyright registration (online, fax, or snail mail) information & fee charts are available at the US Copyright Office homepage.

Where do you register a copyright you created?

In the United States you register with the federal Copyright Office ( in Washington D.C. If you are in another country you will have to check the copyright laws in your area.

Where do you go to copyright your lyrics in New York?

Lyrics are automatically protected by copyright as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium. If you wish to formally register, this can be done online at the link below.

How do you register a Canadian copyright?

Registration is not required for protection. If you wish to register anyway, you may do so through Access Copyright at the link below.

How do you register for copyright protection in US?

US registration is available online at the link below. Keep in mind that registration is not required for protection.

How do you copyright?

Works are protected by copyright as soon as they are "fixed." If you wish to register a work with the copyright office, you may do so.

Can you register a copyright in Spanish?

It depends what country you are in.

Can you copyright a store name?

No, but you can register it as a trademark.

Is it fast to get copyright directly from dc office or online?

You can't get copyright online or anywhere else. You already have it from the moment you put your creative work of original authorship down in any tangible form. You may optionally register your claim to that ownership, but the certificate from the Copyright Office certainly doesn't "prove" you wrote it or that you own the copyright, only that you officially claim it as yours.

How do you copyright pictures online?

You don't DO anything for copyright. It is free and automatic in over 160 countries that belong to the Berne Convention, including the USA. You can optionally use the copyright notice to remind people you own the copyright. You can optionally register your copyright if you're planning to sue someone for infringement in US federal courts.

How do you use copyright in a sentence?

It is not necessary to formally register your work with a Copyright Office for it to be protected.

What is a copyright index?

Many years ago, the US Copyright Office maintained a copyright index, which was an enormous room full of card catalogs. The 1918 Report of the Register of Copyrights (linked below) gives a description of how the cards were made and used. The current copyright catalog is available online.

Possible to copyright photography business name?

You cannot copyright a business name, but you can register it as a trademark.

How do you copyright art?

Works are automatically protected once they are fixed, but you can register your art with the copyright office if you wish.

Do you have to pay to copyright per song which is 35 dollars on the gov website or can you copyright an entire album?

The songs are automatically protected by copyright as soon as they are fixed (written down or recorded), but if you wish to register them with the copyright office, yes, you can register a group of works under one application.

Can you copyright a name?

No; you would want to register a name as a trademark.

Do you have to register a copyright for it to be valid?

No; protection is automatic and registration is not required.

Who is the major of copyright?

In the US, it's the Register of Copyrights. Most countries have a copyright office associated with the national library.