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yes, your insurance company will tell u that u will however need proof of current address and they will eventually make u change the state your drivers license to where you live

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Q: Can you register and insure a car in Indiana if you bought it there and have the title but have a New York City drivers license?
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Can you insure a car you own if you don't have a drivers license in Ontario?

I bought a vehicle but cannot drive as I cannot have a drivers license. Is there a way to insure and license it in my name so I may have a licensed driver drive my vehicle?

How was Indiana acquired?

it was bought

Do you need a License to shoot Pellet guns in the Philippines?

What kind of pellet guns? Airsoft or airgun? Either way, you don't need to have a license. For an airgun, i think you just need to register from the store you bought from.

Can you register a car in FL without FL license I bought a condo here I live in MA?

Both Florida and Massachusetts have residence requirements governing your right to register a car in that state. The local state department of licensing can answer your question.

Can you register a car if you didn't when you first bought it?

Yes you can register it but be prepared to pay a penalty.

Hi you are a US citizen at the moment you are in UK bought a car but insurance is so high because you got a US drivers license can you go for UK drivers license with us passport thanks boz?

Yes, the only requirement for applying for a GB licence is UK residency, citizenship is irrelevant.

You bought a non owner policy in Oklahoma and have a drivers licenses your question is if you do not renew your non owner policy can Oklahoma pull your license?

You aren't required to carry insurance in Oklahoma unless you own a vehicle; your license will be safe.

How do you register gun bought in Oregon private party how do i register it in ca.?

Contact the CA DOJ

You bought a weapon from someone how do you register it?

What kind of weapon is it and where are you?

Will liability auto insurance policy cover a person driving your car if they have an out of state drivers license or an expired license?

It depends on why they were driving your car and on what type of insurance you bought. If you bought the cheapest coverage, usually a limited or named driver policy then there is no coverage for anyone other than those named drivers listed on the policy. If the driver was a known driver that you failed to disclose, "concealed drivers" when you bought the policy, again there would be no coverage regardless of policy type due to fraud. If your not sure about your coverage just call and ask the company or contact your insurance agent for clarification.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a car bought out of state?

Yes, but you pay the sales tax to the state you register it in. Where you live. They will make you pay it when you get your license plates. You find more at

You bought a car from a dealership in Indiana paid cash but never received a title now the company seems to have gone out of business how do you get a title?

Go to the DMV and register for one. It costs extra but they should be able to do it

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