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No you cannot remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgement on the repossession.

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Q: Can you remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgment on the repossession?
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Does bankruptcy remove a repossession from your credit report?


How do you remove a repossession on your credit report after bankruptcy is discharged?

You present proof that the repossession never occured. You can dispute it with the credit reporting agency.

If you are a cosigner in someone's loan for a line of credit and he is at default what can the cosigner do to take his name back?

Nothing. The only option for being remove as a cosigner is to have the original loan refinanced without the cosigner participating.

Can you file for bankruptcy with a repo on your credit?

The fact that you have a repossession on your credit report is not a determining factor of whether your can file for bankruptcy. Generally in bankruptcy you can remove the debts from the repossession of your vehicle.

If your a cosigner and want to remove your name before the loan is paid off will this affect your credit in any way?

A cosigner cannot simply remove their name from the contract. The cosigner is obligated equally with the primary borrower until the loan is paid. A cosigner's credit history will be affected, hopefully in a positive way.

Will filing a bankruptcy remove a judgment on credit report?

No, a BK does NOT remove negative items in credit reports.

How can you remove judgments from your credit report?

The credit bureaus and the original creditor that filed the judgment are the only ones that can remove it. You can contact the original creditor and try to negotiate removal of the judgment upon payment. You can also dispute the judgment to the credit bureaus and they have 30 days to verify the judgment or it must be removed from your credit report.

How do you remove cosigner from private students loans?

Refinancing in your name, if you have credit, is one easy way to do this.

Why won't the credit bureau remove a realized judgment in Texas?

55.6 INR

How can you remove a judgment that was paid less than 2 years?

Contest the judgment through the three major credit reporting bureaus. They will contact the party and either verify that it was paid off and remove it or if they do not hear back with 20 days they will remove it from your credit report.

How do you remove a repossession from your credit report?

There are 2 ways to remove a repossession from your credit report. You can dispute it to the credit bureaus under the FCRA and they have 30 days to verify the listing or it must be removed from your credit reports or you can contact the creditor that repossessed the car and negotiate the removal of it upon payment of any money owed. The entry is likely to be changed to late, but paid. Most of these fall off after 7 years.

How do you remove a judgment from your credit report that is not valid?

File a motion to vacate based on that fact. After the judgment is entered there is a SOL for filing that motion.

How can you quickly remove a judgment from your credit report?

Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will not remove a judgment from the debtor's credit report. The judgment will still remain for the required time if it is discharged in bankruptcy, settled or paid in full. Valid judgments remain for the required 7 years. Most judgments are renewable and can be reentered on the debtor's credit report whenever that action is taken.

If your car is repossessed how does getting it back help your credit?

It won't help much unless you can sweet-talk the lender and convince him to remove the repossession from the credit report. Otherwise, the repossession stays on the record and the only 'improvement' to your credit rating would be the lack of an accompanying past due status.

Will the satisfaction of a judgment affect your credit score and does it completely come off your credit file or show as satisfied?

A judgment will reduce you credit score. It takes about 7 years for an item on your credit report to be removed. You have to make a request for it to be remove from your credit after you 7 year period.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in Alabama?

A judgment stays on your credit report until it is satisfied or proven falls in a court of law. The only way to remove it is to pay it off.

What motion do you file to remove a judgment after BK 7?

The judgment remains as a court record. The credit reporting agencies should report that it has been discharged in bankruptcy. If the bankruptcy remains on your credit report for more than 10 years, you can tell them to remove it.

Is it possible to remove a secondary cosigner from a car loan?

Co-signing is all about CREDIT. If the buyers credit has improved enough or the buyer has paid enough on the loan to have EQUITY, the lender might remove the co-signor. Its up to the LENDER.

Can the cosigner remove her name from a loan if the the account was taken to court and judgment was only made against the primary account holder and not the cosigner?

Generally, the co-signerdoes not have any authority or means to remove their name from a loan. That would involve altering the loan documents and the lender's records. The loan is owned by the lender.

How do you remove a judgment from a credit report in one day?

I dont know ask someone who cares

How do you remove a paid judgment from a credit report?

If the judgment has been paid, the credit bureaus (such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) should reflect this in their credit reports. However, until the legislatively mandated time limits have expired, it will likely not be removed from the report.

If you cosign an auto loan for someone and they refinance in one year and remove you from the loan how will that affect your credit assuming all payments are made on time?

The cosigner's credit isn't affected one ioto unless the person who was responsible for the loan payments defaulted, then and if the cosigner also defaulted. In other words, just being a cosigner does not affect ones credit ratings.

How can you remove a car judgment from your credit report?

Car repos result in a balance due once the vehicle is sold at auction. If the creditor has won a court judgment you would not be able to remove it. Your best strategy is to act prior to the judgment by offering a settlement. See "working with a collection agency in So you want to fix your credit huh".

How can you prevent a judgment from being entered into your credit report or remove it after it has been reported?

You can't do either. The judgment will remain until the expiration date. The judgment even if paid will remain for seven (7) years.

Can a auto dealership remove home furnishing from a cosigner home on a defaulted loan?

Not without a court judgment and a Sheriff Deputy present. If they try otherwise, call the police and have them arrested for trespassing.