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Under the current law, the foreign students in F-1 visa are admitted to the country in the D/S (Duration of Status) status. The aliens in these visa categories remain "in status" during the period when they are enrolled in the program. Accordingly, there are no fixed dates of authorized stay and expiration date on I-94. If your F-1 visa expired for a long time, but you are still enrolled in the school program. you may renew the F-1 visa with the help of your college's international student office. As long as you are enrolled as a full time student, you do not need to renew your student visa (even if you are in school for 20 years). But if you are going to travel outside the country, then you will need a valid visa to come back to the US. Ask your International student advisor.

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Q: Can you renew a student visa after your previous one has been expired for a long time?
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