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You can rent a car in the United States and return it in Canada. You just need to make sure that you return it to the same car rental company.

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How old do you have to be in the US to rent a car?

You must be at least 18 to rent a car in the US

Are there any special requirements for taking a rent car from US to Canada?

You need to discuss this with the rental agency.

How can one pay rent in US dollars in Canada?

A person can pay rent in US dollars in Canada in certain places. In Canada, places like Toronto and Vancouver accept American currency as payment for things such as rent.

Why can't we rent a car one way from US to Canada?

Too many problems with customs and export / import licences...

Can a us citizen rent a house in Canada?

Yes. The length of time you may remain in Canada is based on immigration law, but US citizens can buy or rent property in Canada.

Is it better to rent a car in Spain or rent it from the us?

That depends. Which country will you be in when you rent the car? If you're in Spain, I would rent the car there. If in the US, rent the car there. The costs to rent a vehicle in one country, then transport it to a different country to drive it would be pretty crazy.

Are there Dollar Rent A Car Coupons available?

Dollar Rent A Car does indeed have coupons. You can use it to rent a car anywhere in the continental US. Go to

If your car is in the US can it be repocessed from Canada?

Yes it can Because the car was in Canada so Canada has rights to it

From which companies can one rent a car in Florida?

There are many companies that will offer car rental. Among some of the more popular companies include: Avis, Rental Cars, US Rent a Car, US Car Hire and Dollar.

Has anyone rented a car from sixt rent a car?

Sixt rent a car <a href="">website</a> I actually work for Sixt rent a car and we are new in the USA however we are very trustworthy Sixt rent a car has over 100 years of car rental experience in Europe. Check us out Thanks

Where can you RENT an F1 car or F1 full-sized replica car in the US for a trade show exhibit?

You can rent an F1 car from The Jordan Company in the UK. You may have to cover the cost of shipping it to the US.

Where can I find information about one way car rental?

Dollar Rent A Car offers one way car rental options at several of our convenient locations within the U.S. and Canada. Let us help with your one way car rental at it

What is the legal age to rent a hotel room and be able to check into it in the US or Canada?

as far as I know 16 and over in Canada and 18+ in US ^^ original answer. For Canada, You have to be 18.

Can a Canadian drive a rental car from us to Canada?

A Canadian Citizen can not drive a car with US plates into Canada. I'm not sure why, only that its a Canada rule.

Can you rent a car in the US with UK DUI on your license?

Carefull!Anyone with a valid Drivers Licence can rent a car in the USA as long as you are old enough.BUTAll requirements from the UK are still in force, so if you are baned in the UK from driving a Rental a nd rent a car in the US you are breaking the law!

Can you rent a car in the US and drive it to Canada?

Yes, but the different rental agencies have different policies so you have to ask your rental company to be certain. I have done this with National several times.

As a us citizen do you need a passport to return to us from Canada?

I am pretty sure in order to leave or return the US you must have a passport, as of the first of the year.

Do you need a passport to return from Canada if you are a US citizen?

Yes,cause Canada is a another Country.

Does Alamo have car rental locations available throughout the entire country?

Alamo Car Rental has locations throughout North America and Central America. They also have locations in the Caribbean and in many other parts of the world. You can rent a car from them in most US cities and return it in most other US cities. Alamo have car rental locations through out country.

What are some Ace Rant a Car locations?

Ace Rent A Car has many locations all over the US. North Carolina, Wisconsin and Delaware are a few of the states that have Ace Rent A Car services. Ace Rent A Car also has their online website that lists all of their many locations.

Can you rent a truck in US and drive it to Mexico?

Yes you can. However, you should ask for the international insurance plan before you rent the car.

Can a teenager legally obtain car rental service in the US?

Generally you need to be at leaset 21 to rent a car.

Can you drive a US-reg car into Canada from US if you are not the owner the car?

yes you can drive but it is harm to have the car without the owner

If you move from US to Canada can you pay your car loan and credit cards from Canada?


Can a US Citizen buy and register a car in Canada?

Only if they have a residential address in Canada.

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