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Can you rent a house if you have had a bankruptcy?

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Yes, I have a relative that has.

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Can you rent your house out after bankruptcy?


If someone is in a rent to own agreement and files bankruptcy will i lose my house?

You will not lose your house unless there is a large amount of equity in it. You will need to reaffirm your rent to own agreement, however.

How can a landlord collect rent when a tenant files bankruptcy?

Rent is not covered under bankruptcy: a landlord still has the right to collect rent and evict tenants who don't pay.

If you file bankruptcy can you rent out your house if you are not living in it so it will not be affected by the bankruptcy?

Whether you can or can't doesn't get to the result you think....a rented house is effected by the BK just as if it wasn't...except that now the damages you cause the renters are your responsibility too!

Can you file bankruptcy on a rent to own home in Pennsylvania?

Yes you can file bankruptcy. However the "rent to own home" is not owed by you and is still owned by the "landlord". You can continue with the "rent to own" or walk away. Bankruptcy is an entitlement to citizens for debt relief

When in bankruptcy is it hard to rent an apartment or house due to the bad credit rating?

It can be but I have found that if you have good rental history you should be able to rent. My husband and I filed bankruptcy about a year ago. He then left and I lost everything, now trying to start over with a recent bankruptcy is challenging. I have found no one that will rent to me and I have good rental history.There should be a law, I do not believe that credit should reflect on the rental of a house. Good luck to all that are trying. After filing bankruptcy it is very hard to obtain housing in an upscale area. Some places will not rent to you until seven years post bankruptcy. I have learned that if you maintain a good rental history and aren't deliquent on any of your accounts, then you may be able to rent a house/apartment through a lowerscale or private owner. * i would agree that it is hard but i also think that you can get help and try to get some money back

Can you do not pay rent in you have banktupsy?

Not paying rent is grounds for eviction. Most courts won't care about the bankruptcy, and most bankruptcy judges will not stop an eviction.

Can you rent out your own home if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy?

There is no prohibition against renting property in a ch 7 bankruptcy. However, if you have a large amount of equity in the house, it might be sold to pay your creditors.

What does happen if a landlord keep on taking rent even if the landlord had filed for bankruptcy himself?

The landlord's bankruptcy has nothing to do with the tenant. The tenant still owes the rent.

Can a tenant attach rent to a bankruptcy?

No. Your rent is advanced payment for your right to stay in your apartment/home.

How can you rent your house to a corporation?

how to rent my house to corporations?

How do you rent the for rent house on Moshi Monsters?

You can not rent the "For Rent" house on Moshi Monsters. The house is used as part of a Super Moshi Mission.

Can a tenant be evicted in Michigan if in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy does not relieve a tenant from paying his rent: it's not a debt. Rent is due in advance of the rental period and is not an extension of credit. Oh, and a landlord cannot evict a tenant simply because he filed for bankruptcy.

If I file chapter 13 I am I still obligated to pay my landlord rent?

Sure! Rent is not a bankruptcy issue.

If someone is being sued for back rent and breaking their lease can they still file for bankruptcy?

Anybody can file for bankruptcy.

How is the tenant affected when the landlord files for bankruptcy?

He isn't. Even if a landlord file for bankruptcy, he is still entitled to collect the rent from tenants. If the property is in foreclosure, the landlord still have the right to collect rent from the tenant, until such control is passed on to the foreclosing entity. Conversely, if the tenant files for bankruptcy he is still obligated to pay the rent to landlord, although he may be no longer obligated to pay any back rent if such arrears is part of the bankruptcy list.

How much do you rent your house for?

How much does rent cost for a house?

Can you declare bankruptcy and still keep your house?

It depends. If you declare bankruptcy on another house while you are living in your formal house, no you don't lose your formal house. If you declare bankruptcy on your formal house, you get your house foreclosed, or taken away by the bank. ----

If you are not married but live with someone are they counted in the means test for bankruptcy?

When you are living with someone they are not included in your bankruptcy. If you are paying them rent, then the money you pay is an expense and will be considered for bankruptcy.

Can you be evicted from your rental appartment when you are in bankruptcy?

Yes you can, but not simply because you are in bankruptcy. Rent is not an extension of credit. So bankruptcy is not an issue with regard to landlord and tenant issues.

What is the average monthly rent in the us in 2002?

It depend on house. If house is big then rent will be more, if house is small then rent will be less.

Can you rent an apartment after filing bankruptcy?

Most the time you can rent an apartment as long as you can give them a copy of your Discharge Records.

Where can I rent a house in NY?

You can rent a house in NY by looking at

Can I keep my house and car out of a bankruptcy?

You are normally allowed to keep the house you are living in and one car in a bankruptcy.

What to do when you pay rent and don't have the house?

Either you pay rent for the house or you don't pay rent because you do not have house. It can't be both the situations.