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rustoleum now makes a product that you can paint laminte countertops with, but it does have limited colors and it only comes in quart sizes. some lowes store carry it in the spray paint section.

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How tall are kitchen counters?


Does vinegar disinfect kitchen counters?

how does vinegar disinfect

Where do you get new kitchen counters in the sims 3?

In the buy category

Are Granite counters considered the best investment when remodeling a kitchen?

Granite counters are considered to be one of the best investments when remodeling a kitchen. New cabinets and new flooring are two other valuable investments.

What is the dirtiest item in a kitchen?

counter Counters can be dirty, but kitchen dishrags, sponges and can openers will probably top the list.

Is it a good idea to keep my kitchen countertops empty, or should I put out cannisters and nicknacks?

It is best to keep your kitchen counters free of lots of cannisters and nicknacks. The cleaner the counters the bigger the kitchen will appear. A couple cannisters for cookies or sugar is ok. Freeing up counter space will also help to keep your counters clean and bugs away.

Ergonomically what is the optimum height for a kitchen counter?

Ergonomically, the optimum height for kitchen counters is 3 feet, or 36 inches. This can vary however, as people of different heights would require different height counters.

What are percussion instruments in your kitchen that you can use?

Almost everything in your kitchen!! Your counters, floor, spoons, utensils, cups, plates, bowls!You name it!

I heard this phrase a lot in shows about houses. What exactly is 'counter space'?

A kitchen has counters which are work areas placed at a convenient height for culinary work. Counters can easily get cluttered with ingredients, used utensils and dishes and so on. It is therefore an advantage to have a kitchen with a lot of space given over to counters. This is counter space.

What is counter mass noun?

No, the noun 'counter' is not a mass noun; the noun 'counter' is a countable noun.Examples:We're installing new kitchen counters.There are electronic counters at the entrance and the exits.

How can refinish old kitchen cabinets?

Remove hardware,clean ,sand , repaint per mfg. instructions install new hardware.

What part of speech is repaint?

Repaint is a verb.

What is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen counters?

The harsh chemicals in oven cleaners can at the least diminish the color and finish of kitchen counters. You would not want to use them on counters. A great natural way of getting stains, even very stubborn stains, off counters is to use baking soda followed by vinegar to remove the baking soda residue. What is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen counters will depend on the type of material that the counter is made of.If your countertop has already been damaged by exposure to oven cleaner, you may be able to restore the finish on a solid surface top by buffing it out, or by re-oiling a butcher block. Laminate may be tougher.

What are the release dates for Home Again with Bob Vila - 1990 Cape Cod Affordable HVAC Painting Kitchen Cabinets and Counters?

Home Again with Bob Vila - 1990 Cape Cod Affordable HVAC Painting Kitchen Cabinets and Counters was released on: USA: 12 February 2005

Harvest moon tree of tranquility how do you change the kitchen counters?

you can't. You could probably try changing the wallpaper, if that helps.

How high is a kitchen counter?

In the USA, most kitchen counters are 36" high. This measurement was standardized many years ago when the average heighth of a female was less than it currently is. They can be set to suit your own tastes (so that you need not bend so much when doing dishes). ie., my counters are 40" high.

What is standard height for kitchen island?

same height as your kitchen counter Kitchen counters/ islands are typically 3'-0" high but sometimes a raised portion is installed at 'bar' height and that could be about 8" +/- higher than the counter top.

How do you use repaint in a sentence?

I had to repaint my picture because it was so sloppy.

What is the collective noun for counters?

Hmm, is that money counters or store counters. Try a staff of money counters or a row of store counters.

What is the average costs of stainless steel kitchen counter?

The cost of stainless steel kitchen counters can range greatly and prices can start from anywhere from £100 and upwards. Visit the website in the related links to find out more.

What is the standard clearance around a kitchen island?

I like to start with 42". By the time the counters and appliances go in you end with a little less than 40".

What colors should I paint my kitchen to achieve a countryish - traditional look if the counters are a soft mint green white cabinets and walls are white?

Decorate the kitchen in with a green that matches you counters. Put up a country themed border around the kitchen with barnyard animals or old barns on it. Pick up some wooden handled kitchen tools at your local flea market and display them on the counter in a clear glass pitcher. Watch our for "Aunt Jemima" salt and pepper shakers. Pick up some antique advertising tins from kitchen goods (flour, sugar. spices, etc) to display around the kitchen.

How many blue counters must be added so that the ratio of yellow counters to total counters is 1 to 6?

Let the number of Yellow counters you already have is Y Let the number of non-yellow counters you already have is Z Then the current ratio of Yellow counters to the total counters is Y : Y + Z Let the number of Blue counters you add be B After they have been added, the ratio of Yellow counters to the total counters is Y : Y + Z + B This is 1 : 6 Thus Y = 1 and Y + Z + B = 6 → Z + B = 5 Which means that for the Yellow counters you have you will have five times as many counters made up of whatever non-Yellow counters you originally had plus the Blue counters you added. Thus to find out how many Blue counters to add, take the number of Yellow counters, multiply it by 5 and subtract the number of non yellow counters you originally had. examples: You had 6 Yellow counters Add 6 × 5 - 0 = 30 Blue counters Which gives you 6 Yellow and 30 Blue counters → ratio Yellow : total counters = 6 : 30 + 6 = 6 : 36 = 1 : 6 You had 4 Yellow counters and 6 Red counters Add 4 × 5 - 6 = 14 Blue counters Which gives you 4 Yellow counters, 6 Red counters and 14 Blue counters → ratio Yellow : total counters = 4 : 6 + 14 + 4 = 4 : 24 = 1 : 6 You had 4 Yellow Counters, 2 Blue counters and 3 Red counters Add 4 × 5 - (2 + 3) = 15 Blue counters Which gives you 4 Yellow counters, 3 Red counters and 2 + 15 = 17 Blue counters → ratio Yellow : total counters = 4 : 3 + 17 + 4 = 4 : 24 = 1 : 6

Is there a contractor that installs granite kitchen countertops in Wood River, IL?

Stone Productions‎ is a kitchen remodeler. They can help design and instal the counters for you. Contact them at 1503 Fairview Avenue, St Louis, MO‎ - (314) 785-1860‎

A number of counters are arranged in rows so that there are 5 counters in each row and 22 counters around the outside how many counters are there altogether?


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