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no , the frames are different, so are the ehxaust. gm Jim

AnswerI couldn't say yes without looking, but the chassis run AFAIK (convertible or not) was from 89-94. My 94 doesnt have a 'molded' place for the exaust to run through, I would think, unless there were some drastic difference I cant seem to imagine, I would think the worst thing you would have to do would be different mount points. You can pick up aftermarket exaust mounts for a couple $.
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Q: Can you replace a 1994 Geo Metro exhaust system with parts from a 1991 Geo Metro convertible?
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How do you replace the exhaust system on a 1998 Geo Metro LSI?

I am uncertain about the 1998 LSI. However, for the 1993 Geo Metro there are two bolts located at the bottom of the exhaust manifold which need to be removed, then there is a hanger right behind the engine on the firewall which has a rubber piece on it from which the exhaust system is suspended upon. The easiest way to get that off is to pull the rubber piece off of the end of it. In total there are three hangers on the "93" Metro exhaust system with a place approximately in the middle where the exhaust system is bolted together with two bolts. I certainly could be wrong, however I can't imagine the exhaust system being too different on a "98" LSI. If a person takes a board, like a 2X6 and puts it under the passenger side of your vehicle, another 2X6 and places it on the ground under the passenger side of your vehicle and uses it for a base to place a jack upon, and uses the first 2X6 as a buffer between the top of the jack and the bottom of the car to eliminate any buckling of the underside of the car due to the small amount of area the top of the jack is lifting the car by, lift the car up. The passenger side of the car is the side usually where you will find the exhaust system. Once a person has the car jacked up fairly high (12 inches or more) then it is an easy process (usually) to slide under and replace the exhaust system. I am not an certified mechanic and from start to finish I can replace the exhaust system on a "93" in about 20 to 30 minutes. Hope this at least gives a person sort of Idea of how to approach that small task.. rhage2

Can you take a 4-cylinder from a 1995 metro and put it in a 1991 Metro convertible that had a 3 cyl in it?


How do you replace the weather stripping on a 92 Geo Metro convertible?

Unfortunately, the convertible top weatherseals for Metro convertible models were discontinued more than a decade ago, and are no longer in the parts system. Your best bet for finding a set will be eBay, a junkyard or any other second-hand source. A good set has been known to go for $50 to $100 on auction sites. The few remaining owners of these rare ragtops have generally come to the conclusion that replacement weatherstrips are mostly unobtainable, and have tried rigging up seals with parts from other convertible models. The Chrysler Sebring convertible has been reported to have seals that may work, but it has not been confirmed.

How many speakers are in a 1991 Geo Metro convertible?


Where can I find weather seal for 1991 Geo Metro Convertible?

Where can you find out how to replace the mounts and composite headlight on a 1991 Geo Metro LSI convertible?

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00

How do you adjust Geo Metro convertible roof?

You sell me the car, then you don't have to adjust it.

How do you locate the oxygen sensor on a late-model Geo Metro?

Look on either the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe.

What is the fuel tank capacity for a 2002 Geo Metro 3 cyl convertible?

Never heard of a 2002 Geo Metro. As far as I know they were not produced after 2001 under the Geo Metro name.

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1992 Geo Metro erg valve purpose of?

to Recirculate Exhaust Gases

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Will the fenders on a 1992 metro convertible interchange with a 1992 hard top?

Yes they are the same fenders in the front.

What could be the problem with your 1992 geo metro convertible if it is getting fuel and fire but it will not start?

Fuel injector

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What is the Infle rest on a 1991 Geo Metro convertible?

It indicates a problem with the airbag. When it's lit the airbag will not deploy.

Can you use the hatchback from a 1992 Geo Metro to replace the hatchback on a 1994 Geo Metro?

it should be able to

How do you replace the alternator belt in a 1997 Geo Metro?

how do you replace 1997 alternator belt

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Will a 92 convertible Geo Metro passenger seat fit a 96 Geo Metro?

Yes, just make sure the screws line up. Some model variations may not line up correctly.

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How many oxygen sensor are on a 1997 Chev Metro?

I have a 99 Metro 1.3L. This car has two oxygen sensors, one in the exhaust manifold and the other is after the Catalytic Converter. Hope that helps.

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