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Kinda-sorta. The diameter has to match exactly, but there's often some leeway when it comes to the width. If yours is a road/race bike, check that you have enough clearance by the fork crown, brake bridge, chain stays and seat tube if you want to use wider tires.

Too narrow tires on too wide rim won't be a happy combination.

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Q: Can you replace a bike tire with a different size tire?
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Can you replace a tire size 23570R16 with tire size 23555R17?

That would require different rims.That would require different rims.

Can a 26 inch bike frame use a 27 inch tire?

MAYBE - , frame size has nothing to do with tire size. Style does, and if its a mountain bike, it will not work with a 27 (road racing) wheel and tire. Brakes will not fit.

How to change a Bicycle tire?

pull the outer part of the tire off pull off the deflated bike tube replace it with a new bike tube put the outer part of the tire on

Can you replace a tire size 20565R15 with tire size18565R15?

Yes you can

What size tire should a put 20 inch bmx bike?

A 20 inch tire.

What size bike tire should I buy?

If you bought a new complete bike (not just the frame) you can look at the sidewall of the tires to find out what size you'll need. Many bike manufacturers also list tire requirements online.

How many decimeters in a bike tire?

Impossible to answer, bike tires comes in different sizes.

What size tire will replace your 2756017tire?

A 285 60R 17 will replace that

How wide is the rear wheel on a Honda 1800 goldwing motorcycle?

The tire size for the 1800 Gold Wing is 180/60R16. Bridgestone adds a prefix number G704 in front of this number, so from them the full name is G704 180/60R16. It is very important that you use only this tire size recommended by Honda for this bike. Other tire sizes will markedly change the driving and handling characteristics of this large bike. In some other tires that have been tried for this bike the sidewall has proved not to be sufficiently strong to carry the weight of the bike, such as the R70 tire which is very different and could be dangerous on this bike.

How much does it coat to replace Mazda rx8 tire?

you'd have to get the tire size. It's on the tire itself.

If you have to change on tire on a quattro do you have to change all of them due to differing tread depth?

It is usually recommended that you change both tires in the set (front or back) at the same time. This keeps the car level side to side and prevents uneven wear. A common practice with a full size spare is to match the spare with a new tire and use the odd tire off the wheels to replace the spare. This puts two new tires on the car and a serviceable one for a spare.My opinion, based on my knowledge is: If you replace one tire with the exact same brand, model, and size tire, and the other tire on the same axle has less than half it's tread left then also replace it. That way you have two tires on that axle with the same diameter. If it has more than half it's tread left, then just replace the one tire. The difference in diameter is not significant enough to do any harm. You do not have to worry about the two tires on the other axle. If on the other hand you are replacing the tire with a different brand tire or different size tire, then absolutely replace both tires on that axle. Different tire brands have different diameters even if they are listed as the same size.

Can you replace a tire size 20570R15 with a 21570R15?