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Yes, you can replace ordinary light bulbs with an LED.

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How do you replace third brake light bulb on 2002 Mercury Sable?

Its a whole led unit replace whole deal not bulb

How do you replace light bulb on led?

Most LED lights are not replaceable. The best thing to do would be to buy the bulbs and the strings separate

Which has a longer life an LED or an incandescent light bulb?

An LED has a longer life than an incandescent light bulb.

Who invented the led light bulb'?

LED means light-emitting diode.

A LED light of 3 watts gives off the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb of 45 watts This means that the LED light.?

A 3 watt led light is not the same as a 45 watt bulb. A led light is a lot brighter.

On a Pt cruiser how do you replace the power window light switch bulb?

The led light in the window switch is not replaceable. It is only serviced with the entire switch.

How do you replace a 3rd brake light bulb on a 2004 Toyota 4Runner?

its an LED light, the whole unit has to be replaced. The spoiler needs to come off.

How much energy does it take to light a led light bulb?

It depends on what you mean by led.

What is a sentence with the word bulb?

Bulb is a noun. Example sentences: I want to find an LED bulb to replace the incandescent bulb that burned out. The thermometer was made of glass, with a bulb at the end.

What is the difference between led light and a normal light bulb?

a normal light bulb gives off more light

How is a led bulb different to a light bulb?

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, environment friendly, and provide you more savings.

What is the full form of LED BULB?

Light-emitting-diode bulb

What is an LED bulb?

An LED bulb is made up of one or more light-emitting diodes, encased in plastic for protection. LEDs produce light much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, with about 90% less heat, and are beginning to replace them in many applications.

Which light bulb is best-CFL or LED?

Runaway winner for me - LED light bulbs

Which light bulb has fewer watts?


How do you replace bulb on high mount stop light on 2004 Chevy suburban?

if it is an LED unit you cant you have to change the assembly as a unit

How do you replace the airbag bulb Nissan Maxima?

You can replace it by removing the cluster which is a little rime consuming to the average person. The bulb is more likely a LED. Id just leave it to the professional. Or leave it alone. That light is useless

What is the mass of the light bulb?

Depending on the type of light bulb the mass can vary. A standard LED bulb weighs 6.2 ounces.

Are there 3 way LED light bulbs?

I think there is no 3 way LED light bulb :) :P :)

Can you convert a recessed incandescent light to a LED light?

Yes. It's very simple and you can get either an LED replacement bulb or a retrofit trim/bulb kit at any of the Big Box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. I just replace 16 of them yesterday. They are pricey!!!

Why does the light get dimmer with distance?

Background ResearchThere are several reasons why light dims with distance. One reason is the shape of the source. For example, if you are holding a flash light, the flashlight's source/bulb is a cone. Therefore, the larger the distance, the more dim it will be. The Light gets more spread out as the distance increases. If you had a piece of chewed gum, and you stretch it out, the thickness of the gum will be small. By doing this, this explains that light gets more spread out as the distance increases. The gum's size becomes bigger, as the gum's width becomes smaller. (WikiAsk)Another reason why light dims with distance is because of the type of light bulb. Let's say you have an ordinary light bulb you bought from Home Depot. And then you buy a LED light bulb that is much more strong and gives much more brightness. Which do you think will be the brightest, regular light bulb, or LED light bulb. The LED light bulb.

What light bulb saves the most energy?


What is the average price of LED light bulbs?

It actually depends on the type of LED light bulb or brand. Overall, you can get a lot of savings with LED light bulbs.

Who invented the led light bulb?

"Nick Holonyak, 75, invented the LED (light emitting diode) in the 1960s."

How do you know which LED bulb will replace a common Bulb?

You just ask The Home Depot,You Can Do It, we can help . LOL