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yes but do check first because a 1990 Geo prizm is basically a re branded version of a 1990 Toyota corolla.

2011-12-29 05:30:32
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Q: Can you replace the door of a 1990 Geo Prizm with an older Toyota Corolla or any other vehicle?
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What is a Geo Prizm compatible with?

Geo Prizm is compatible with the Toyota Corolla.

Can I put a 1999 Toyota Corolla body kit on a 1999 Chevy Prizm?

Prizm and Corolla were the same car, so yes.

What is the Size of bolts for 93 geo prizm starter?

Look here: How do you change the starter on a 1996 Toyota Corolla?Prizm and Corolla engines are the same.

Will an engine out of a 1995 Prizm fit a 1994 Sidekick it says Toyota all over the engine compartment?

No. The Sidekick is manufactured by Suzuki with a totally different engine. The Prizm is manufactured in California along side the Toyota Corolla. The Prizm is a rebadged Corolla.

Will a Toyota corolla transmission fit in a Geo Prizm?

what transmission will fit in a 3 speed 1990 geo prizm

Is a 97 Toyota corolla and a 94 95 geo prizm engine interchangeable?

96 and 97 Corolla and Prizm are the same, but, they have an extra crankshaft sensor, that the 93, 94, and 95 does not have,

Are parts for 1995 geo Prizm Toyota or GM?

I believe they are all Toyota, base off the Corolla, just rebadged as a Geo, then Chevy. Reanswered by b_radical2006: a geo prizm is the same thing as a Toyota corolla the only difference is the name and a few down grades from a corolla like interior and engine power and the bumpers.

Will a harmonic balancer from a 94 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L fit a 94 geo prizm LSi 1.8L?

It should. The Prizm uses a Toyota engine. 4AFE for the 1.6L 7AFE for the 1.8L

Will a Toyota corolla engine fit in a Chevy Prizm?

yes i have done it as long as there the same models, years, Scott

Will a Toyota corolla headlight 1998-2000 fit a Chevy Prizm 1998-2002?


Can you put an engine from a 1990 Geo Prizm into a Toyota Corolla?

Yes, not a problem. Any unfit components swap it from your old engine.

Is the Chevy Prism the same as a Toyota Corolla?

All Prizm models were powered by the same engine as the Toyota models, All Prizms were built at a joint venture plant between Toyota and GM. Aside from small cosmetic differences , radio, front stabilizer bar, the Prizms are identical to the Corolla.

Who made Chevy Prizm engines?

Toyota, i have a 1999 and it is the same car as a 1999 Toyota corolla, except for random parts like the radio, badging and a few other things being from GM

Can you Replace a broken tail light lens on a 2000 Chevy prism with one from a 2000 Toyota corolla?

I've been looking into this same question, myself, and so far... the taillight assemblies I've seen for a 2000 corolla look nothing like the one for my 2000 prizm. Sorry, and good luck!

1992 geo prizm with 3 speed automatic transmission you just saw for sale a 1992 Toyota corolla with a blown transmission Can you buy this car and drop your 3 speed in the Toyota?

You'll probably have to ask a tranny place, if you can find one you can trust. But seeing the Corolla is the twin of the Prizm, and since they're the same year...(i'm assuming your tranny is automatic too) it seems probable. You might also see if you can find someplace that will give you a part number for a tranny for the Prizm, and then for the Corolla to see if they're the same. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Will a 95 prizm hood interchange with Toyota Corolla?

No the dimensions for the two hoods are slightly different. It will latch and fit pretty snug but it will be slightly too long.

What engine is in the 1992 Geo Prizm?

well i have a geo metro and i have a 3 cil in mine but they put a 4 cil in the 90s The Geo Metro is made by Suzuki. The Geo Prizm is made by Toyota and is built in California on the Corolla chassis. The 1992 Geo Prizm has a Toyota 1.6 Liter 4 cylinder. Base engine is 102 H.P. GSi engine is the same 1.6 but with 130 H.P.

Is Chevy Prizm also a Nissan?

no, prizm is a re bage of Toyota collora

Is the Prizm really the same as a Toyota Corolla?

The Prizm is a clone of the Toyota Corolla with minor styling and equipment differences; but despite its close kinship, the Prizm has never been as successful as its Japanese cousin. Since 1985 with the Chevy Nova and Corolla FX16, both cars have been built at New United Motors Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, CA. Toyota shares the plant with General Motors, however Toyota manages it. When Toyota switched to the new version of the Corolla, Chevrolet dropped the Prizm. Taking its place on the production line was the Pontiac Vibe, built off the new Corolla/Matrix platform. Exterior Available only as a four-door sedan, the front-drive Prizm is 174 inches long, about an inch shorter than the Honda Civic sedan and 7 inches shorter than the Chevrolet Cavalier. Interior The Prizm comes in base and more-expensive LSi price levels. Air conditioning is standard on both, but the LSi has several other standard features, including power windows and locks, cruise control, a rear window defogger, tachometer and tilt steering column. Both models seat five, but only the LSi comes with a 60/40 split folding rear seat. Chevy lists trunk capacity as 12.1 cubic feet without the rear seat folded. Under the Hood The Prizm used the same 125-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine as the Corolla. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, and three- and four-speed automatic transmissions are optional. Side-impact airbags for the front seats and antilock brakes are optional. Driving Impressions Because it is a Corolla in disguise, the Prizm offers the same quality, reliability and smooth, refined performance. But because the Prizm wasn't as popular as the Corolla, new or used, it has a lower resale value.

Is the Idle Air Control Module for a 1994 Geo Prizm the same for a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

It ought to be. According to every piece of data on the Prizm that I've seen, the Prizm and the Toyota Corolla are essentially the exact same car, with only a few very small differences beyond the names of the manufacturers. I can't be certain of this, however, because the 1993 Geo underwent a frame alteration to provide more room within the car. This might have altered the internal engine components, though I sincerely doubt it would have. I'd rate the likelihood of the part fitting at around 85%. I'd also probably wait for someone more competent than I to answer this question, though I'll close off mentioning that the Chilton's Manual for 1994 cars includes the Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm as one entry, with a slash separating them.

Who is the maker for the motor of a Chevy prizm?


Is a 1994 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission the same as the 1990 Geo Prizm automatic transmission?

when gm took over Toyota they did a lot of cars with the same engines. look at the engines in both, if they are the same engine then they should be nearly the same transmission

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

What 3 speed automatic transmission's corolla and prizm will work in a 1993 geo prizm with a 1.6L engine?

Any Prizm or Corolla auto trans from 93 to 97. The 1.6 or the 1.8 housings are all the same. Just make sure if it is a 3 or 4 spd auto. It is a 6 hour job.

Will 93-97 toyota corolla headlights fit your 94 geo prizm?

yes and no, they will bolt up but will have a large gap. to make the gap smaller. you will also need a corolla hood. but then when you do that the fenders are to long and the side markers don't align correctly anymore. so yes it can be made to work but its not worth all the hassle. better off just going back to the prizm headlights.