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Yes you can. I replace my factory speakers on my 1998 Ford Expedition with Pioneers.

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Q: Can you replace your factory speakers with component speakers in Lincoln Mark8?
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What size speakers do you need to replace the door speakers on a Lincoln LS?


Where can you buy speakers to replace factory speakers and fit factory holes 6 diameter for 1993 Honda Prelude SI?


How can I replace a speaker without replacing other audio components?

All you have to do is by new speakers. Most speakers connect to the component with any plugs. If the component isn't damaged, then just go and price some new speakers.

You want to upgrade your 2007 jeep liberty sound system what do you need to get you want to replace all of the speakers with ones that have more watts but how big and what else do you need thank you?

I am in the process of replacing the factory speakers in my wife's 2002 Liberty. Unfortunately, the deck does not drive the speakers, there are small amps in each of the front door speakers. Therefore, you cannot replace them with aftermarket speakers unless you replace the deck as well. The other option is to replace them, add an amp and rewire the entire system. This is not what I bargained for when I started this project but in the end it will be a lot better system then the factory system.

What size are factory 2002 Silverado speakers Looking to replace don't know what size to buy?

6.5 in front and 4x6 in back

How can you replace the original 6x9 speakers in the back of my 88chevy blazer with after-market speakers that do not fit in the factory enclosure and are there any good replacmets to help mount them? and others sell a speaker spacer that should work.

How to replace 97 dodge caravan speakers?

Which speakers are you trying to replace? Front or rear?

What are the door speaker and rear speaker sizes for a 1997 buick?

Fronts are 4.75 with a 1" tweeter the crossover is hard wired into the car and made for those stock speakers. If replacing speakers run new wires, using the old ones will split your audio for the factory component system it is not recommended for use with any other speakers. The rears are 10 ohm replace ASAP. Not sure of the size may be 5*7 or a small 6*9

What size speakers are in a 2005 Scion xa?

3.5"-4" in the dash and 6"-6.5" in the front door. To remove factory door speakers, you will have to drill out the rivets. To replace door speakers, you will have to fabricate a spacer ring or find one to purchase (door is very shallow).

How hard is it to replace my car speakers?

It is a relatively easy job to replace your speakers depending on where they are located.

How do you replace the back speakers in a 2006 Acura TL?

To replace the back speakers in a 2006 Acura TL, remove the SRS housing on both sides and the back panel of the speakers. Remove all wiring attached to the speakers and replace.

What kind of aftermarket amp could you replace the factory amp with in a 91 Lincoln town car?

Pretty much any kind you can afford and install.