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No. The card holder voluntarily allowed another person to use the card therefore neither fraud or indentify theft has been committed. The only option would be for the card holder to sue the person who made the unauthorized charges. The best choice would be in small claims court, as it is a relative simple and inexpensive procedure.

2006-08-27 22:47:05
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Q: Can you report your significant other for credit card fraud if you gave him your credit card and he used it for purchases other than the one you agreed on?
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How long will a foreclosure be on your credit report and how will it effect your credit score?

A foreclosure can stay on your credit report for over ten years. It will have a significant and negative impact on your score.

Are there websites for an instant credit report?

correct. there are websites which may lead to bonuses which may give out instant credit report after a certain factor is met. this may include survey, purchases etc.

Does cosigning a loan go on your credit report if the loan is in good standing?

Your cosigner's credit report should also reflect the loan. In this case, it should show as paid on time as agreed.

How To Understand Your Credit Report?

If you want to save money on your large purchases, you should strive to maintain a good credit report. Your credit report gives lenders the information they need to determine whether or not to approve your loan. When you buy a house, car or any other significant purchase, you can save several hundreds or even thousands of dollars by maintaining a good credit score. You can order your credit report online at no charge once a year. If you have been turned down for a credit application, you can also request your credit report at no charge. The name of the three credit reporting agencies are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. There are online credit report agencies that will charge you a fee for your credit report. Make it a habit to check your credit report each year. Credit reporting agencies use your legal name, address, date of birth and social security number to identify you. Your credit report will list other names you may have if you are a female who has been married and divorced a few times. You will also find the addresses where you have lived previously. Be sure the information is factual because errors can occur. If you find an error on your credit report you should write the credit reporting agency immediately. You will find on your credit report a list of your credit accounts. The lender will report the date you opened the account, balance information and your payment history. The three credit report agencies vary slightly in their formats. Check your credit account information carefully for accuracy. Your credit report will also list companies that have inquired about your credit. Examples of these would include lenders, credit card companies and others. If you have any collection items or public record information such as bankruptcies, judgments or liens, then this information will also be included on your credit report. Take the time to order your credit report and take steps to improve your credit. Improving your credit will save you money on your large purchases. Make sure your credit report is accurate and monitor it at least once a year.

How will voluntary repossession of my home in Texas affect my credit?

The effect on your credit will depend on how the lender chooses to report it to the credit bureau. Sometimes a lender will be willing to report it 'paid as agreed' or 'settled' entry on the credit report rather than an actual repossession. If it is reported as an actual repossession or foreclosure it will be on your credit for seven years and negatively effect your rating.

Will my credit report be effected by purchases made during my identity theft crisis?

Yes, I am sorry to say that your credit report will be effected by purchases made during an identity theft. You can however, consult with your credit agency to get those negative reports removed. You will need proof that you had an incident with identity theft to do so. If you had a lawyer invovled with this issue then he/she should be able to handle that issue for you.

How does a vehicle repossession affect your credit if everything else in your credit report is good?

Absolutely. Repossession, whether voluntary or involuntary, show on your credit report as a charged off account. This designation is similar to a collection account and shows that you did not repay the vehicle loan. Such a listing in your credit report would have a significant negative impact.

How often should you get your credit report?

This is really a personal decision, but it makes sense to check your credit report prior to making a large purchase that you intend to finance. For example, buying a car or a home, are examples of big purchases in which you would want to check your credit well in advance of the purchase to make sure you have good credit.

What is the purpose of TrustedID?

TrustedID is used to help protect your credit and helps against identity theft. They will track purchases to make sure you are the one using you card and/or credit when unusual activity shows up on your credit report.

What is the use of the credit report government?

"The use of the credit report government is to determine whether or not an individual or a couple of individuals are capable of affording something that they are wishing to buy. This is normally used for big purchases such as a house, car, or other form of life altering purchase."

Can your credit be damaged by paying less than what is due on time?

Absolutely. It won't be hurt as badly as not paying, but your credit report usually shows a status that reads "pays as agreed." If you're paying less than the minimum amount due each month, you're not paying as agreed and your credit can get dinged.

What to do when suspected identity theft?

When I suspected identity theft because of a bill collector calling my house about a bill in another town I did not recognize. I contacted 3-1 credit reporting to pull my credit report on-line. It cost me $29.95 but it was worth it. I found the creditor was calling because someone had purchased some expensive tires and rims using my SS#. I also found a $50,000 automobile purchase that happened the day before the tire and rim purchase. The credit report gave me the contact info of the creditor. I called them and told them i did not make these purchases. They instructed to to file a police report and they sent me an affidavit to get notarized swearing these were not purchases. Once I sent them the notarized form, the creditors quickly removed the purchases from the credit bureaus and sent me a signed letter stating they had removed the purchases. This took only 2 weeks from start to finish. One of the creditors was a large financial institution. From this point on, I now have a credit alert on my credit.

What can someone do to raise their low credit score?

There are several things that one can do to raise their low credit score. These things include dispute credit report error, pay off a past due balance, avoid new credit card purchases, and make contact with creditors.

Your credit score is 563 and you just paid off 4 collection charges on your credit report how will that effect your credit score?

Not much other than having the collection marked from unpaid to paid. If you are paying off credit collection companies, negotiate to get a letter from them telling you that the amount you are paying is the balance as agreed and that they will remove it from your credit report. Do not pay until you get that letter. If you pay without doing that, it will stay on your credit report for about 3 years depending on when the collection was first put on your credit report. The fact that you paid it already just says on your credit report that instead of unpaid the collection is marked as paid. If you already paid either repair your credit or get a reputable firm in the BBB who has a money-back guaranteed policy.

Who sings free credit report?

it was just a misleading. there is no really free credit report but there's a free credit report trial

How does identity theft affect your credit?

Identity theft can have a seriously negative impact on your credit. When thieves steal your identity, they are likely to try to open a new line of credit in your name. If they succeed, they can make purchases with that card, and you will be responsible for the charges. Even if you dispute the charges, the unpaid bills will be reflected in your credit report. Unfortunately, cleaning up a credit report after an incident of identity theft can be a long and costly process.

Where can one view my credit report?

Someone can view their own credit report from a number of credit scoring agencies, such as equifax, transunion, and annual credit report, and experian.

What is the importance of getting my free credit history report every year?

It is important to get a credit report each year to catch any mistakes that may have been reported, also to catch any fraudulent activity. This information will help you be prepared for future purchases as well, such as a home or new vehicle.

How many years of credit reports requests are included on a credit report?

Generally, only the last twelve (12) months of credit report requests are included on a credit report.

How long will bad credit remain on your credit report?

Bad credit or any negative report will remain in your credit report for seven years. Therefore, if it happens that there is a wrong information that will affect your report negatively, be sure to dispute it immediately. You can also do your own credit card repair in order to eliminate any bad credit that will be reflected in your credit report.

Does a bankruptcy remove the crediters from your credit report?

No, the information remains on your credit report.

Does Home Depot report business credit to credit bureau?

does home depot report to credit bureaus? I am trying to rebuild my credit.

Does removing incorrect information from your credit report increase your credit score?

Not always. Only removing harmful information would make a difference, and eve then it has to be something significant to even matter.

How do you find out what financial institution issued a credit card when the account number is not on your credit report?

Call the Credit report agency that pulled your credit from the Bureau's and ask them to look at the back of the credit report where it says inquiries.

If you are in good standing in your credit report what credit score do you have?

Scores of 700 or above suggest a decent credit report.