Can you rewire a brain monitor or a heart monitor or one of those things that goes on your finger to have an audio output instead of a visual one?

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Yes you can, but you need knowledge of electronics (personally i do not wish to go into detail because i do not know what you have/ know) Answer its actually fairly simple, take the cord out of the monitor, then hook it up to a jack of any size. for example, a 1/4 inch for guitar amps. this will probably give a monotone, and may not be in the human hearing range. Most heart monitors are both visual and audio. Answer In many cases, you just need a dongle to split the line coming from the heart monitor. It's small and kind of flat, like a slim SD media card reader and will have two plugs on it. Not sure on the brain montor, but most heart monitors after '88 do audio.
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Which 1 is the computer and which one is monitor?

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Is an monitor output?

of course, what else could it be? It outputs the graphics and present it to the user.

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The polar heart monitor can be purchased through the polar brands independent website. The montior can also be purchased through large online fitness retailers as well as departmental online retailers such as Amazon.

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The FT1 Heart Rate Monitor can be purchases at larger sporting goods stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Road Runner Sports. Online options are HeartRateMonitorsUsa and HeartRateMonitors.

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You would need a heart rate monitor if you were prone to an irregular heart beat or if you had some kind of previous heart defect. This monitor would enable you to keep track on the status of your heart throughout the day.

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