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Yes, but running a 350 cam with 305 heads is not effective,you need to run 350 heads as well. In order to benefit from a 350 cam you need something to flow that extra fuel and air, so using 350 heads along side of the 350 cam will be the cheapest and best choice. HAVE FUN!! A 350 head can physically bolt onto a 305 block. However, 350 heads can have the valves extend into the cylinder and contact the cylinder wall (even with the smaller 305 cam). The 350 cam in the 305 with stock heads will work. You wont want to use 350 heads you will lose compression due to the largers combustion chambers.

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2009-01-23 19:45:26
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Q: Can you run a Chevy 350 cam in a Chevy 305 with stock 305 heads?
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What headers do you use for an 84 Chevy 350 with Chevy 305 Vortex Heads?

The headers for a 350 and 305 are the same.

Will 1995 Chevy 350 heads fit on a 1995 Chevy 305?

No. The bore size is different between a 305 and 350. The 350 bore size is larger.

How do you swap a 95 305 Chevy for a 350 Chevy engine?

the block & heads are the same you just have to pull the 305 out & put the 350 back in

Will a 1980 Chevy 305 stock intake fit on a 1980 Chevy 350 motor?


Will a Chevy 350 transimission work on a 305?

Absolutely. Many (if not most) 305's came stock with a 350 turbo bolted to the back of them.

What is the combustion chamber size of a Chevy 350 stock head?

stock 350 heads are 72 or 74 cc

What small block Chevy heads can you use on a305 4bbl Chevy motor?

305 heads of course, 350 heads will fit for sure and possibly 400. obviously no big block heads will fit. a 305 with 400 heads gets you a little over 352. 350 with 400 heads is a 383. add and divide

Will Chevy 305 heads fit a Chevy 350?

You will need to have the heads for the 305 bored out to the same size as the 350. I disagree: you can use the 305 heads on the 350 block but you will increase compression as the 305 heads have a smaller combustion chamber. The critical dimension is valve clearance. If compression ratio is a critical consideration, different pistons may be available which will bring the combustion chamber back to size. the 305 is from the 3.671 inch bore family. The 350 is from the 4.00 inch bore family. All small block heads have the same bolt pattern.

Do the 305 vortec and 350 vortec have the same heads?

No. The 350 has bigger valves. While you CAN put the 305 heads on the 350, (I can't imagine why you would actually want to) you can NOT put the 350 heads on the 305. Because of the 305's small bore, the valves on the 350 heads will hit the cylinder block.

How much horsepower is a 305 with 350 Chevy heads on it?

Hard to say without more information, but in general the decreased compression from the larger chamber heads would probably drop it 10-20 hp from stock.

Will heads off a 305 or 283 fit a 350 Chevy?

As long as the 350 is older then a 1987, you will have no problems. They will bolt right on with no modifying.

Are the spark plugs the same for a Chevy 305 eng and a Chevy 350 eng?

That depends on what type of heads are on each, and the year it was built.

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