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Probably not. Once the loan is out of compliance, you would need to either refinance it or just pay it off.

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Q: Can you save your house after foreclosure notification?
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Can you save your house from foreclosure?

Yes you can save your home from foreclosure. This is a primary reason people file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the automatic stay can stop a foreclosure as long as it's filed before the sale takes place.

How do you save a house from a repossession.?

The only way to save a house from foreclosure is to keep current on the mortgage payments. Check in your area for newly created consumer foreclosure counseling services if you think you have been the victim of a predatory lender.

Can you put a house for sale in foreclosure?

You can put a house up for sale in foreclosure, but the foreclosure process could happen before the house sells. It doesn't make any sense, if you would like to sell the house, do so before foreclosure.

Can you purchase another house if your house is not in foreclosure?

mo ney

Do you get the best deal by buying a house at a foreclosure auction?

Yes, you get the best deal by buying a house at a foreclosure auction. You can read more at

How do you know what constitutes a foreclosure?

Your first notification should be from your lender notifying you that forclosure proceedings have been filed. All states have very strict laws on how notice of foreclosure is given. This sometimes is a plus in staving off foreclosure, which is not as 'cut and dried" as some believe it to be.

Can you save a property in pre-foreclosure?

I'm pre-foreclosure. .complain under rule 1.110 (b) was amended to requiere the verification of residencial mortgage foreclosure. The foreclosure involves my primary residence and is not verified

What is the importance of a foreclosure of a house?

Houses go into foreclosure when the owner can no longer afford to make the house payments. Many people look to purchase foreclosure homes as they can often be purchased for a low price.

If you have a lien on the house going into foreclosure will you get your money?


Can you put a lien on a house that is a foreclosure?

Yes, you can file a lien. It may not get covered in the foreclosure sale.

How long can you live in your house once foreclosure has started in Memphis tn?

in new york how long can you live in your house once foreclosure starts

If your house was in foreclosure what would be your greatest need?

My house is going through foreclosure. My biggest need is money to move and finding a place to rent.

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